Ironman Texas Spectator Race Report!

Race day is over! It was a great day all around. Exhausting (as usual!)’ but it was worth it–everyone had a great day out there! So great in fact that 11 of the 13 people racing we’re top 10 in their age group! PW ended up winning his age group with a 9:10 (notto ruin the surprise of his blog entry but it was a 9 minute PR!–and he rode a 4:55 which is unreal! I tried to take to take pictures of him along e course but ended up with a lot f these because I was cheering so much:


To ease the blow of the lack of PW pictures I DID get a picture of each of the three sports–Cait on the bike and the swim ( and Jen on the run! Look at how perfect our run real estate was–AND we went out on the bike course which you can’t beat!





Post race we went to dinner where I got to witness this sign:


And had the WORST service ever! Made up for it with this delicious self-serve frozen yogurt though. We don’t have enough of these in Massachusetts!

Now comes the best part of ironman–the feast the next day! As I type, the Snows are on their way to pick us up for breakfast at The Cheesecake Factory!

Update later with the crazy things we saw out on the course (this is Texas after all!) and why I want to move here!! Have to go nurse this sunburn before we go to breakfast!


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