Ironman Texas!

Well folks, another Ironman is upon us. It feels like its been longer than 7 months! PW has been in Texas for the last 12 days, acclimating to the heat. yesterday, I flew to Texas by means of Providence through the lovely Detroit airport (no sarcasm–the airport was really nice!)


This morning we woke up early for the usual QT2 breakfast. The difference today is that it was not an IHOP or Denny’s–it was at the Cheesecake Factory! It was awesome. Don’t worry, we will hit up IHOP tomorrow night after the race. The food was so good, there were a lot of these on the able:


Here are the twenty something team peeps who showed up–it was great! Thanks Chrissie for the picture!



After breakfast we went straight for the bike drop-off. The sooner everyone’s feet were up the better! It is HOT down here, so we made it a quick walk. Here are a couple of really fit people (Cait and PW)

AnD the bike drop off:


A whole lot of sitting is now on the agenda! Looking forward to tomorrow, it’s going to be an awesome day. Everyone has worked so hard!
In other news–I am in the homestretch for work and our Italy trip is less than 2 months away (holy cow!)
I have been running and riding at my leisure and it has totally made me love it again. I’m sure the scenery doesn’t hurt–check out some pictures from one of my long rides:


(ps how cool is this collage iPad app?!?)


Check in to my twitter tomorrow for race updates (@thatrunnerchick)




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  1. Your blog header is making me Hungry! that and talk of the pre-IM breakfast!!! GOOD LUCK to the whole team from me. I’ll be ‘watching.’ I’m thinking about this race for next year so I’m anxious to hear about it. ( super hot??) have fun!

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