Sponsored by a Speedo!

A few major developments to share with the blog world! The first is above and beyond awesome. You night remember my Speedo friends from Lake Placid: they cheer throughout the race in JUST speedos. Sometimes with Pom Poms:


Above is Paul and Jim talking with their fans/posing for pictures. In between autographs, he would make sure to tell people to visit ThatRunnerChick.com for more info 🙂

Well, Paul is racing Lake Placid this year. And these are the pictures he tweeted the other day:



YEP! That’s right, he has a cupcakes+running=thatrunnerchick.com speedo! I am psyched about this! If you see him around Mirror Lake race week make sure to say hello! I owe him many loaves of PowerBar replacement Banana Bread for this!!!! And perhaps some Ubu Ales post race!

Second, PW and I finally bought the bullet and bought this:



I don’t know how we lasted so long. We have been through 2 blenders in 3 years. I killed the last one while making my special veggie pizza sauce–the engine actually started smoking. PDubs was in Galveston and he said “buy a GOOD replacement blender–even if it’s expensive!”. I don’t think he was expecting this expensive but it ends up as being the same at the rate we were going replacing! I made a smoothie the other day and it took less than two minutes! Efficient and easy to clean-I’m already sold.

Last, while we were in Texas a package was delivered to our house here. I wasn’t expecting anything but check out what it was:



A pre-release copy of Scott Jureks Eat&Run! They sent it to me to read and review (and interview Scott if I want!) before its release on June 5th. I started it this week and will do a proper review when I finish it. As he didn’t come from an athletic family or background I am interested to see how his love for ultra running developed. Running 50 mile races has always interested me so maybe this will be EXTRA inspiring! He is also doing a book signing/Q&A at the Harvard bookstore if anyone is interested

It is a long weekend so lots of working out and hanging out to be had. Oh, and grad school work! Did a short jog today and am heading up to hang out with Meg and Justin now. Hoping to head out for a ride tomorrow!


The Travel Ordeal getting home from Texas

We had QUITE a travel day yesterday–16 hours to travel 1500 miles from Texas to Massachusetts. I knew things were going to be heading south (figuratively, we were flying north of course 🙂 ) when there was only one gate agent and 17 people in line with questions before our first flight. We ended up leaving 30 minutes late from Texas–with a 40 minutes layover we would be cutting it close!


Landed in Atlanta and had 15 minutes to get off the plane and get to another terminal (side note: the pilot told us Atlanta is the busiest airport in the world–is that true?). We ran–and post Ironman it was hilarious to see! Missed the flight by a minute.

Next flight: 6 hours away. We settled in and got comfortable in the Delta SkyClub.


Boarded our next flight and again, left late. My saint of a mother was going to be picking us up in Providence at 11:15pm and I felt bad we were going to be 30 minutes late–little did I know what was in store!

We got close to Providence, begin landing, only to suddenly be pushed back in our seats as the pilot heading straight back up. Apparently, he couldn’t see the runway. Another try of that and he let us know it wasn’t happening and we were being diverted. Panic ensued! It’s almost midnight, there’s 200 people on the plane, and my mother is waiting in PVD!


Got into Hartford at 1am, hobbled off the plane and booked it to the car rental place because I was not hanging around any longer than I had to! PWs luggage was, of course to keep in line with the night, not at the airport. We rented a car ($180 dollars for 12 hours!!!) and drive the 80 minutes home.


Check what time time we finally arrived:




And yes, also check out we had XM radio. How did I live without the 90’s station before this?


Since this took so long I figured the least they owe me is Biscoffs!


Spent the day driving-the rental car back, picking up the dogs, going to the grocery store etc. The dogs are missing the in-laws house though, it’s like Club Med over there!!


It is nice to be home–maybe this hilarious day is my punishment for wanting to move to Texas? Ha!

Texas Barbecue at a gas station!

Yesterday was our typical day after smorgasbord. PW got up at some ridiculous hour (4? After going to bed at 1am???) and I lounged around trying to sleep off my sunburn (didn’t work). Then we went to our ritual post race breakfast with the Snows. Buffet style, the Hyatt doesn’t mess around. That led us directly to awards!

Because PW is awesome and fast, he won his age group (not to brag, but I’m about to brag)–by 15 minutes! He had a 9 minute PR and went 9:10. He averaged almost 23mph on the bike (a 4:55)! Got this nice hunk of wood as an award:

Went back to the hotel post awards so PW could break down all the bikes for people leaving that afternoon/night. Headed out for some barbecue at a gas station after. I think it’s the Boston in me but I was a little wary of the whole smoked meat/gas station connection but it ended up being AWESOME!

They even separate their sauces so you don’t overachieve with them!

Headed to the Airport this morning at 8:45 but our flight left late. Significantly late, and with a 40 minute layover in Atlanta it wasn’t looking promising. We landed at 2:40 and our connection left at 2:50. PW did the best we could do–we ran 1.5 miles across the airport from terminal to terminal but didn’t make it. And we were hauling! Unfortunately we are currently stuck in the airport–which is closed due to the weather (seriouslyyyy!), and I don’t know when we will get home! Making the best of it in the Delta SkyClub, filling up on free Biscoffs and Chex Mix.

Luckily I have a new book to read (has anyone read any Jen Lancaster?) and a husband who can eat anything he wants for the next seven days. Making the best of these 6 hours! Hoping to find some frozen yogurt to ease the pain of the delay….

Ironman Texas Spectator Race Report!

Race day is over! It was a great day all around. Exhausting (as usual!)’ but it was worth it–everyone had a great day out there! So great in fact that 11 of the 13 people racing we’re top 10 in their age group! PW ended up winning his age group with a 9:10 (notto ruin the surprise of his blog entry but it was a 9 minute PR!–and he rode a 4:55 which is unreal! I tried to take to take pictures of him along e course but ended up with a lot f these because I was cheering so much:


To ease the blow of the lack of PW pictures I DID get a picture of each of the three sports–Cait on the bike and the swim (www.caitsnow.com) and Jen on the run! Look at how perfect our run real estate was–AND we went out on the bike course which you can’t beat!





Post race we went to dinner where I got to witness this sign:


And had the WORST service ever! Made up for it with this delicious self-serve frozen yogurt though. We don’t have enough of these in Massachusetts!

Now comes the best part of ironman–the feast the next day! As I type, the Snows are on their way to pick us up for breakfast at The Cheesecake Factory!

Update later with the crazy things we saw out on the course (this is Texas after all!) and why I want to move here!! Have to go nurse this sunburn before we go to breakfast!

Ironman Texas!

Well folks, another Ironman is upon us. It feels like its been longer than 7 months! PW has been in Texas for the last 12 days, acclimating to the heat. yesterday, I flew to Texas by means of Providence through the lovely Detroit airport (no sarcasm–the airport was really nice!)


This morning we woke up early for the usual QT2 breakfast. The difference today is that it was not an IHOP or Denny’s–it was at the Cheesecake Factory! It was awesome. Don’t worry, we will hit up IHOP tomorrow night after the race. The food was so good, there were a lot of these on the able:


Here are the twenty something team peeps who showed up–it was great! Thanks Chrissie for the picture!



After breakfast we went straight for the bike drop-off. The sooner everyone’s feet were up the better! It is HOT down here, so we made it a quick walk. Here are a couple of really fit people (Cait and PW)

AnD the bike drop off:


A whole lot of sitting is now on the agenda! Looking forward to tomorrow, it’s going to be an awesome day. Everyone has worked so hard!
In other news–I am in the homestretch for work and our Italy trip is less than 2 months away (holy cow!)
I have been running and riding at my leisure and it has totally made me love it again. I’m sure the scenery doesn’t hurt–check out some pictures from one of my long rides:


(ps how cool is this collage iPad app?!?)


Check in to my twitter tomorrow for race updates (@thatrunnerchick)