Let’s pretend…

that I gave up blogging for Lent, okay? It is more reasonable than the truth which is that I have been out straight for a month! I figured what better way to come back with other than a “Things I am Obsessed With Right Now” post–a true glimpse into the ThatRunnerChick life!!!

1. Pinterest. Of course. It is my go to for everything from hairstyles to dessert recipes!

2. The Hey Girl Blog. This is so, so fun to send back and forth with teacher friends!!!!

3. Juicing. I borrowed a juicer and now I cannot get enough of it! I feel so energized after it weirds me out–it has the effect of coffee!

4. Lifting weights! Meg and I have been going to the gym religiously for almost 2 months lifting weights (at 5am!!!!)–I just feel buffer!

5. Scramble With Friends. It is such a good timefiller when I am waiting in line or early to an appointment!

I have been running/riding. I was using Daily Mile for awhile, but recently opened a Strava account. It seems to be pretty time consuming so Im not sure how long itll last. It would be fun to use when I start riding outside more, though!

Now the countdown to April vacation begins–I need to seriously recoup some sleep and get some good workouts in! Looking forward to riding and running the middle of the day–heck, maybe Ill even do some swimming!!!