The Joshua Tree at Harpoon

Yesterday was a pretty awesome day. I teach on Saturday mornings, and it is fun because 1) there are donuts and games 2) i teach next to one of my favorite people. Followed up the teaching with some Panera where I got to catch up with said good friend for almost two hours (!!). And eat Baked Potato Soup–always a plus. Then it was time for this:

Now, this would not usually be my seen because I am not into crowds, and I am not into crowds drinking (I sound really old right now dont I?), but our favorite band, The Joshua was playing, and we had not seen them in a long time. In fact, since they played at our wedding party in 2009!!! We drove in BFF Brian and before TJT went on, we got to see a very, very high energy Irish band. The woman in blue was Irish Step Dancing (or at least trying) while playing the violin:

There were a LOT of kilts here! St. Patricks Day Festival indeed.

We took some pictures while waiting too…here are PW and Brian. And the fingers of one of the guys from previously mentioned Irish band (The Gobshites)

And here are me an PW. No, I dont know whats going on with my hair!

Joshua Tree took the stage and we proceeded to rock out. They had a short set (they played yesterday too!), so it was only 5 or songs, and then an encore (they are a fan favorite band for sure–they have a cult following)

Joe (in the blue) is actually a crazy, crazy cyclist. He used to be a bike mechanic too!

While trying to watch their set, this guy came over to us and kept asking us if we wanted to see him balance a ladder on his chin. He claimed he was in the Guinness Book of World Records. When he found out he couldnt use a ladder, he asked to borrow a cup and showed us with that:

We ended up having a lot of fun–and were in bed by 10:30! It was nice to see the fella’s in the band again, and hang out with PW and Brian. AND be home so early (a 7:30 set–sounds good!).

Now, I have a short run this morning. And some pancakes to make!!!


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