Snow Day!!!

I was not expecting a snow day today! Unfortunately, the call woke me up at 5:45 and I was up for good. I played Scramble with Friends (my new addiction–way better than Words With Friends!), before I rolled downstairs for a cup of Starbucks Blonde Roast. Thursdays are normally a pretty hectic day for me–work from 6:45-2, after school help from 2-3, then class from 4-9. Not having anything to do today was a welcome break!!

This is the first snow day of the school year so I thought Id recommit to last years snow day tradition—crock pot meals! PDubs shoveled us out and we headed to the gym about noon. I ran/wogged for 35 minutes. Man was it slow! Then we hit the grocery store and I came home and made the best beef stew Ive ever had (notice a pattern here?). I followed the same recipe as usual (2 cans beef broth, 2 cans water, potatoes, carrots, stew meat, peas, onion, seasonings)…the only difference is that I deglazed the pan after browning the meat with red wine and beef broth. Made all the difference!

One more run this week (easy! 30 minutes!), then next week back at it again. I am thinking about doing the Boston 13.1 in September. When I crossed the finish line at Hyannis I never wanted to run 13.1 miles again. Now…I want to. And do it lighter, with more miles, faster!!! Still rolling a few races around though (BayState too!).


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