2012 Hyannis Half-Marathon Race Report

First—considering Ive been MIA for a full MONTH, I sincerely appreciate if youre still reading this ol’ blog!!!! I have missed blogging but was overwhelmed with lifestuff, and unfortunately ThatRunnerChick was what had to give. However!!! The race I was training for–the Hyannis Half Marathon–has come and gone as of yesterday, so my running schedule isnt as pressing! Expect more regular updates from my corner of MA.

Now on to the good stuff!

So, the race I have been training for, for months. I had never raced a half-marathon, but figured it was a more manageable time commitment than a full. Plus–all my friends were doing it! (Seriously–over 20 QT2Systems people, plus at least 50 other people I know!). I trained hard, tapered harder, and came into race weekend ready to hurry up and get it over with.

Did a typical day before race fueling of pancake breakfast and carbo load. Race morning was the SureFire QT2 breakfast which has yet to let me down (I have no expectations it will EVER do so–its all part of the science!), and a quick drive to the Sheraton in Hyannis, MA.

Got there and immediately got in the bathroom line. The amount of people racing was DOUBLED this year (over 4200 participants), and since the bathroom situation was harsh last year I knew it would leave much to be desired this year. Got my race packet and proceeded to greet a bunch of friends (the best part of racing) and sit on the floor for 1.5 hours. Only getting up every 30 minutes to systematically stand in the 15 minute long bathroom line.

I wasnt NERVOUS for the race, more like anxious–I wanted to hurry up and get it over with already! I took my pre-race gel and then went outside with PW for a quick warm up jaunt. Props to Jim and Tapply for joining our parade! Back to the start line and right up front. Last year for the 10k I lined up in the right corral pace-wise, only to be trapped by people walking the half. Learned my lesson and stood my ground 3 rows back this year! I had a pace to go out at–7:20, and that was the plan come hell or high water (both apparently happened!).

Began the race and the usual 400 meter dash occurred. I hung back and kept to my pace. The first 4 miles went by pretty uneventful–hit between 7:18 and 7:21 for all of them. A minor hill came next, but wasnt a big deal. What WAS a big deal was the wind. PW said it is the worst wind he has ever seen at this race–and hes done it the last 9 years!! When we ran along the beach at mile 8 it felt like I was standing still! I started to slow down and lost my focus. This was my slowest mile at 7:50. It is also such a downer to be at mile 8 and know you still have over 5 miles left! I trucked along in the 7:30 range until about mile 10. I got a second wind and started to pick up the pace–having only a 5k left will do that to you! By mile 11.5 I was running right around 7:20-7:25’s. I was also singing “Stronger” by Kanye, but thats a race report for a different day! I hit mile 13 and started picking it up to 6:45’s…only to be let down when I hit 13.1 miles and the finish was not in sight. I held on, somewhere in between passing out and throwing up (I had serious issues at this point!), seeing Cait and PW cooling down. I ended up finishing the 13.26 miles (that extra .15 miles felt like 15 miles) in 1:39, with a 7:30 pace.

I was shooting for a 7:20 pace, but am pretty darn happy with 7:30’s. The course was long AND it was windy–no need to get stuck on the time! Effort is all that matters.

Everyone else did awesome too! QT2 took the top 2 womens spots (Cait and Amanda), PW rocked it at the end of a 31 hour training week (hes a masochist), my SIL Dawn had a 12 minute PR (rockstar I know), as did Meg. And PW’s BFF/coachee (and my fave twitter friend) Chuckwagon PRed by 10 minutes. All around great day!

I am now limping around and basking in my free time with cooking!

The best part??? I ran the half-marathon yesterday at the EXACT SAME PACE I ran the 10k last year there. And I felt way worse during the 10k. PW is the best coach around! Something to be said for QT2
and consistency!

Here are PW, Rick, and I post-race:

Looking for more Hyannis race reports?

PW’s, husband and coach extraordinaire, can be found here
Meg’s (should be up soon!) can be found here
Cait’s (should also be up soon) can be found here

Be back tomorrow with a a knock-off Chipotle meal. Down to the chicken marinade and the cilantro-lime rice!!! Not one to miss, I promise!


8 responses

  1. nice run! i had 13.22 on my watch as well… and that wind really sucked! (or blew haha) mile 8 was where i hit my wall… but i know so many people who got PR’s so overall it wasnt such a bad day 🙂 great job! i wish i could average 7:30s in a half!!

  2. 7:30’s in your first half? I hate you…just kidding. Yeah, I remember the bathroom line last year. It was brutal. It was definitely a really scenic race though. Wish I could have done it again this year.

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