Another Week! Also, random searches that end up here

Another week is over. Its also the conclusion of a month (well…one more day). So, before I give you the low down on my Weeks Worth of Workouts, I would like to show you something ridiculous. That being search terms used to find my blog over the last 30 days. Some of them are outrageous(ly funny). The term is in bold and my response to them follows!!

chub rub – hope i helped you in some way with this, because boy is it troublesome!
singlelady – i am not one
pw’s chex mix – it was MY chex mix party. also, no one else is pw but my husband!
you potato bro – yes. how else would you start a comment that ends with ‘bro’?
trx hurts – no joke, doesnt get any better!
huge dogs – the opposite of ours, so no advice there
fried skittles – sounds like a DREAM. i hope they are sour!!
k & n oil woburn – again, no idea.
cold shoulder cat – dont all cats give the cold shoulder? not a cat fan!!!
yellow worst candy – you tell it, sister!
couple of girls” – quite a few on my blog!
pizza with holes in bottom boston – this sounds like a tragedy.
how to be an ironman wife – i am a pro at this and hope i gave you some tips on the lifestyle!
انار میوه عشق – translation please.
dude in green speedo – this is one of the 4 speedo searches on my blog this month. Thanks paul!
your sneakers or your life – GAH. sounds like a nightmare.
im good at running, cooking. how do i make a living at these – got me, and no info on that here, thats for sure!
what to eat when your on tina – carrots’n’cake reference? napoleon dynamite??

I don’t know either people. But for all of them that searched these things, hope they stuck around awhile!

Okay, now onto last weeks workouts!!

Monday- OFF
Tuesday- 80 minutes outside, 2×20 in the middle
Wednesday- 35 minute recovery run
Thursday- OFF
Friday- 60 minutes with 4×1 mile at 7:00 min/mi pace in the middle (tough on a Friday!!!)
Saturday- 35 minutes in Zone 1
Sunday- 130 minute split run. 90 min am, 40 min pm!

One more big week (this week), then taper time!!!


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