2011 Total Miles Run Recap–Not what I wanted!

Is it too late for a 2011 run recap? I have been out of the loop for weeks now. Grad school restarted, I had a pesky (read: debilitating) cold, and well…Ive actually been running! Excuses aside, heres the lowdown:

January: 135.33
February: 116.83
March: 102.32
April: 138.88
May: 80.41
June: 29.25
July: 91.85
August: 138.25
September: 34.91
October: 16.85
November: 47.55
December: 93.33

Total: 1025.76

What was it supposed to be? Probably about 200 higher. If you reflect on Sept/October totals, you can actually see me falling off the wagon. I took a little “timeout” those two months, and tried to come back before the end of the year. It is what it is though, and I will take a total of over a thousand any day!

Now, its a new year with new goals. Hyannis is coming quick (5 weeks, I believe), and I have just started to get my stuff together. I am going full force though, and have been running on the treadmill a lot. It sounds painful but its actually a blessing–running at the gym motivates me because its not cold (Im a wimp). It also motivates me to run hard! Ive had no issues getting in hard workouts and my pace is improving as prescribed.

Whats not improving? Body composition. Sigh. Salads and burritos galore. Yogurt everyday. It will happen, and I know patience is a virtue, but man…someone get me a loaf of bread!

So…what are my running goals for 2012? Hit 1500 miles for the year. PR in the half (okay, thats a given–Hyannis will be my first half!). NOT take an inordinate amount of time off after any race (no more than a week…unless I do a marathon). And most importantly: NOT GET BURNED OUT. That is the most important goal!!

I have been updating DailyMile pretty regularly. I will be doing weekly recaps on here again too. And just UPDATING!


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