This post is about my love…

for Mexican food!!!

I have brought forth my sister-in-laws salsa recipe. It is so easy (and so delicious) that I know for a fact I will never buy jarred salsa again. It just tastes SO much better!

But before that I need to show you my dinner from the other night. We went to a local, authentic, Mexican restaurant Acapaulco’s. I usually play it pretty safe, ordering a taco or quesadillas. This night though, I ordered my first Chimichanga! It was everything I dreamed of–fried to perfection. And of course I got a taco to go with it. And yes, I ate this entire plate (if you thought otherwise, you don’t know me that well!!!):

Im pretty sure Mexican food might be my favorite all-time food (even more than Italian!).

To continue with that theme, here is her salsa recipe (you will be a hit at any party with this).


-1 can Ro-Tel
-1 can tomatoes (either whole or diced!)
-half an onion, chopped
-1/2 to 1 jalapeno, chopped (depending on how spicy you want this!)
-1 clove garlic
-cilantro (again, depending on taste)
-the juice of half a lime

Thats it! Throw it all in the food processor or blender:

And then, if youre like me, eat half the batch while updating your blog:

One more day of vacation means only one more day of running long and immediately napping on the couch–I shall miss that for sure, but am still looking forward to getting back in to the swing of things and away from all of these holiday treats!

PS Happy New Year everyone!!!


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  1. i have eaten from the hands of a woman that pnudos her own corn tortillas, fresh. Forgive my knowledge english, but I like Jimmibear13, he say fresh Tomatoe… this is good also. Sometime, you know, the air around you determine your love of food

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