A QT2 Holiday Party!

Before I go on and on about how awesome our annual HUGE party was, I need to give a shout out to Chobani. The other day at work, I was eating my staple breakfast of a Chobani at my desk. I got distracted (by a funny story–give me a break it was 6:45 am!) and dropped half the yogurt on my gray pants. I was distraught, and immediately tweeted about this emergency. It was messy, I would be hungry until lunch, AND that yogurt is expensive!!! (Dont worry, I cleaned my pants before hopping on twitter). Chobani tweeted me back sympathetically, and 2 days later I got this in the mail:

How awesome are they for replacing my yogurt (I was totally crying over spilled dairy product)? And the sweet note! Love that company.

Okay, now on to the party. Around 7pm we headed into the city for a Maggiano’s feast. I loooove this place–amazing, unending, family style food. We started off with a cocktail hour so everyone could catch up–its been months since I had seen some of these people! While mingling, we had stuffed mushrooms (which are so amazing, I can’t even describe), spinach artichoke dip, and calamari (not my style). I was trying to pace myself so Id be able to out eat my table at dinner but I didnt do so well.

We sat down to dinner, and at my table were Doug, Ethan, his girlfriend Jess, Charlie, his wife Jane, Brian, and some old school friends Dave, Kathy (both of whom did Ultraman in October–no joke!), and Jen.
Oh, and PW of course đŸ™‚

First course–my favorite salad. Which I didnt get a picture of, but just know it had pancetta. Then the main courses. I tried it all but the tilapia was my favorite–thats why there isnt much left on my plate!

Oh, and there was dessert too. Poundcake AND tiramisu!

Dinner was delicious, but the best part of the night was the company–let me tell you, we are a FUN bunch! It was awesome too see how the company has grown. For example, here are the people that were at the first QT2 Holiday dinner ever, 5 years ago:

And here is a shot from the party this year (there were 85 people there!!!!!!):

Exponential, right?!

A post on running tomorrow, I promise. But now–off to dinner with Meg and Justin!!


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