Holy Guacamole! And this week of workouts…

I am loving life right now. Because this happened:

My first avocado interaction on my own.

Used the above ingredients to make this, Megan’s guacamole!

SO YUM! guacamole success thanks to my neighbor Meg!

So back to that running thing…

My long run on Sunday was 87 minutes, and my legs felt surprisingly awesome, but my lungs/nose not so much! Many a snotrocket happened (sorry!). Monday was a a recovery run of 30 minutes. Yesterday was my first Zone 2 workout of the season–two by 12.5 minute intervals, 60 minute run total. I was skeptical after my long run but it was pretty awesome! We have a bike path right near my work and it is perfect for that sort of thing. The beginning of Zone 2 also means that….HILL BOUNDING IS BACK! Starting Friday! Maybe I will have PW photograph my first hill bounding of the season, too. It should be uncoordinated and hilarious.

The QT2 Holiday/End of Season Party is this Saturday. I am very much looking forward to it. The food is amazing. Our friends are amazing! 50 of our friends/teammates in a room with delicious food? Ill take it! You can find the recap from last years party here. Every year, it is at Maggiano’s. The first year there were only 8 of us, now 50! To make things even better, I get to carpool into Boston with BFF Brian because PDubs will already be there for a meeting. I never get to see BPH so that is very cool.

And just when I thought things couldnt get any better?? Tomorrow marks the completion of my second grad class (only 8 more to go šŸ™‚ ) and the beginning of TWO WEEKS OFF! Woop woop! Now you can see why I am celebrating with guacamole!

Hoping that everyone else’s training is going well…its almost January which I find the hardest month to train in. Race season seems so far away! But…I always try to tell myself that the most progress is made in the winter.


Are you a guacamole lover or hater??


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