No work Saturday!

I have been taking a lot of work home lately, and trying to squeeze in grad school work on top of it.  I decided today would be no work Saturday (which means Ill have twice as much to do tomorrow but whatever–Im trying to not be obsessive about it! This edit shows its not working though.)  So I woke up and headed to our local weekly 5k with PW.  He ran the race while I jogged (soft j) for a total of 60 minutes.  Dont worry, it didnt take him the full 60 minutes, I was running before and after too! 🙂

Here he is starting the race:

You can check out his race report, and the video I took during the race, on his website here

We came home and I proceeded to do my Saturday morning cleaning routine, followed by 3 episodes of Law and Order SVU. Really, I was just killing time waiting for 4:30–Ironman World Championships 2011 was on NBC from 4:30-7. So I watched that on the couch, prepping dinner during commercials:

Here is a fluorescent Crowie picture in my view during those 1.5 hours:

Since it was a relaxing today I decided to do my favorite thing: cook. I made my best chicken parm yet. I have a few hints as to make the perfect chicken for it:

1) use a mix of panko and regular (seasoned) breadcrumbs
2) DOUBLE COAT in the breadcrumb mix.
3) Saute it in oil first, to get it the right color and amount of crispiness

Once you have this:

You throw it in the oven and cook it for another 20 minutes and you’re set! It was the perfect cold weather meal on a night before a long run!

This is our only “home weekend” this month so I am taking full advantage. Next weekend is the QT2 Team Holiday party (which is, every year, a huge amount of fun), and then the next is Christmas! I should probably start Christmas shopping soon!


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