Brooks Gear Review #1

Sooo here is my first review: the Adrenaline GTS and the Infiniti Capri!

For years and years, I ran in only Asics. You couldnt get me in another pair if you told me I was on fire. Then my Ragnar Relay team got sponsored by Brooks. I decided to try out the Adrenalines because they were the closest to the shoe I was currently running in. And I fell in love. With the shoe and the company. While talking to them leading into the Relay, I realized what a down-to-earth company they are and how awesome their employees are. So I was sold! From that point on, I have been nothing but a Brooks girl!!!

This is the only shoe I run in, the Adrenaline GTS (this is the 12). It is a support shoe, which is good for me because I overpronate like its my job!!! It also has swell arch support, which again, was great for me because I need it.
It is a solid shoe–lasts the longest out of any shoe I have owned. I have run in versions 9, 10, and 11, and can tell you they have improved each year. This shoe actually won Best Update (in 2010 AND 2011) by Runners World. It features DNA cushioning technology, which conforms to each person, reacting to each step. Because I love this shoe so much, I am looking forward to trying out the racing flat. PW has a pair of those now, maybe I can get him to review those…

Ive been looking for a pair of running capris for years. I have always done the shorts to tight transition in December with nothing between. Then I got these:

I am 5’2″ and these are a little long on me but otherwise fit great. I can overlook the length because the rest is perfect, they are warm enough, and the price is right! They are not super tight at the calf which is good for me. I actually use these for weight training at the gym too, I love the fit so much (and they are flattering to boot).
It has the back pocket, which I much prefer over the front side pocket (it also comes with that one though–the “key pocket” as I call it).

QUESTION: Is there anything specific you guys would like reviewed on here (from Brooks…or in general?)


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