My Big News

What could possibly prompt a third entry this week already? HUGE breaking news in ThatRunnerChick land, thats what!

Before dinner tonight, I got an email…from Brooks. They are reshaping their BrooksID sponsorship program and they have decided to sponsor me again!!! I am so excited to represent their brand again this year–they are a down to earth, for the runner company, who makes a pretty sweet running shoe.

Why this news is so huge? Because the benefits to the sponsorship is huge–they seriously outdid themselves this year. I almost dropped my phone while reading the email. Im going to take the opportunity to do a review on some of their product that I am receiving (totally of my own doing–they didnt ask me or require me to do it). Starting tomorrow with my standby shoe and new go to capris!

Until tomorrow….I have to go continue jumping around my house in excitement.

Pssssst…PS, PW updated his blog with details of his first training block, you can find it here


7 responses

  1. Courtney! Congrats ! That is awesome!
    I just applied to a peanut butter company to sponsor me. My fingers are crossed. I tried to think of things that I always need and want….
    Peanut Butter is probably #1. 🙂

  2. Hey..we’re teammates! I got the email from Steve the same day, I’m pretty lucky to be invited for a 3rd year now? And you’re right, they really went over the top this year (which makes getting invited even that more special, right?) I’m hoping this is the kick in the butt that I need to run/bike more often. Congrats!!

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