My hearts a stereo…

I think that song is played at least 3 times on the radio when Im in my car on the way to work (my 20 minute drive), and now it is perpetually stuck in my head!

Anyways, so even though I didnt really blog about it this week, I have been running. It was a cah-razy week in ThatRunnerChick land which was kind if a bummer for my Thursday run, but I cant help it now! This week I have in total a 30 min run, two 60 min runs, and an 80 minute run today. My zone 1 pace continues to drop. After a few years running QT2 style, I am consistently amazed at how much fitness you can keep over an “off season”. My first year, I start zone 1 in 10:30s, then I started the next season at 9:30’s, then the next at 9:00’s. Its pretty awesome.

Last night we went to a Thanksgving/dinner party. Much food was consumed. We started with Brie and raspberries (next to spinach artichoke dip, my favorite appetizer ever.) Chrissie made an impressive spread, my picture doesnt do it justice. We had mood lighting (candles) and my now retro iPhone couldnt handle it. Im sure you can get the jist of it though:

Some of my dinner dates:

(It looks like they have sunburns but I promise its the lighting!!)

Dessert was a spread as well. I brought my favorite apple pie. There was also a chocolate ganache cake, pecan pie, and fruit tart. I, of course, sampled it all1

Finished off the night with some very serious foosball playing:

We didnt make it home until 2am (!!!), so it was a late start to the morning for me. I have to get my run done so I can sit down and write a research paper today. Wish me luck–it’s been years since Ive written one of those!!


One response

  1. Those desserts look goooooodddd.
    My daughter’s favorite song right now is My Heart’s A Stereo, so no only do I have to hear it on the radio (incessantly) she is also singing it over and over and over and over….under her breath.
    until I cry mercy.

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