All that for a car?? And another “before” picture of moi.

I was trying to think of how to sum up the last week for you guys. I don’t know if it is an unreasonable amount of time but, it took us what seemed to be forever to look for a new car. The only websites Ive been on for the past week have been car ratings and car dealerships! Admittedly, I do drive a hard bargain when investing in such a huge purchase so I wasnt the nicest browser! This is the car I was looking at:

I will be sad to see my green jelly bean Prius go, but this will end saving us some serious cash–the monthly payments are significantly lower on all other car we’ve looked at!

Other things have been happening over hurr:

Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday of the year happened:

I do not mess around on this festival of gluttony!!! While eating enough for 3 women, I had this picture of myself staring at me:

That is from a family picture we took when I was at my heaviest, and my grandma has it displayed so lovely on the wall 🙂

Also, we hung up our very first christmas tree! We legit couldnt afford one last year and I was ever so bummed. I moped for days. Lucky for us my parents gifted us their old fake tree, including lights and garland, so all we need is a star.

And, because its worth mentioning, PW and I went out to eat with Ethan and his awesome girlfriend Jess last night, and this is what he got for dinner:

His was the only meal I took a picture of because it was so funny to me that he ordered a nice, healthy, broiled fish and then topped off his end of the season with two fried sides!!

I have a pretty debilitating cold at the moment, so I am off to try and recuperate on the couch while catching up on Grad school work!

Hope all your Thanksgivings were fun and delicious!


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