Week’s Worth of Workouts-Week 2!

I sure am getting lucky with the weather here lately. Its the middle of November and I have yet to run in tights! In fact today, I will be out in a tshirt and shorts–its 55 degrees right now! Today marks the end of Week 2. This will be my third season running under the QT2 protocol and each time I come back from the mandated time off I notice more fitness. My zone 1 pace begins at 20-30 seconds faster each season, and I am very, very thankful for that! This week bumped up to 24 miles:

Monday: 45 minutes
Tuesday: 28 miles
Wednesday: 38 minutes (rainy, cold run!)
Thursday/Friday: off
Saturday: 40 minutes
Sunday: 67 minutes

Hard to believe only one week until my first rest week!

Have to give a shout out to Wayne at Garmin on here. Their “hard straps” (the ones that come with their 305’s and 405’s) were too big for me, always falling down. I bought a new “soft strap” because it was smaller and more comfortable. Unfortunately, the thing was wacky. My average heart rate on runs would be over 200! I despised running without heart rate data–what was the point of having the thing? I contacted them, told them my problem and all the troubleshooting I had done, and they sent PW and I new ones! Not just replacement, but replacement with the very new ones. I love it. Havent had a problem yet…it is comfortable and most importantly accurate!

Debating where the infamous first 5k of the season will be!


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