First Week of Training for 2012

So, the first week is almost over. And I havent skipped any runs so that is a bonus! Since that (and as an extension, being super busy) was the demise of my marathon this past season, I am going to try my darnest not to miss a single workout.

Monday: 30 minutes. By my lonesome, right after work, on the bike path!
Tuesday: 25 minutes. Trail run with mi padre.
Wednesday/Thursday: Off!
Friday: 25 minute run with Meg.
Saturday: 32 minute run in the ice cold, alone.
Sunday: 51 minute long run.

Other things that have been going on:
Yesterday I watched my first episode of Criminal Minds. And then, subsequently watched 8 consecutive episodes. It was was a productive day off!

I tried sweet potato tater tots for the first time:

And my bought my first pair of riding boots:

I think I have a pretty sweet giveaway coming up for you dedicated readers. I hope to have it finalized this week!

My day ahead appears to be full of grading and grad school work (end of term one has come!). But also some fun: visiting one of my favorite people and her newborn baby, and cheering at a volleyball game.

And this week ahead? Looking to add some weight training to that ol’ run routine!


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