We redid our living room ourselves–and brought it from 1950 to 2011!

I have quite a few posts to catch up on–first week running schedule, Chex Mix/Driscolls blog party,  and the complete demolition and rebuild of our living room by PW.  I am going to put them into separate entries and start with the latter!

So, last year after Hawaii we (PW) redid our dining room.  He tore down all the drywall, an entire wall, insulated, added counter/redrywalled, tore up the rug, etc. It took about 5 months though because work was occurring too! He decided this project would be to overhaul the living room. However–there was a time constraint due to the Blog party I was having on Friday. He would only have 2.5 weeks to do it! Here are two pictures of what the living room looked like when we first moved in:

(The curtains were the first thing to go 🙂 )

So one day, demolition started. We dont have any extra room so we pushed the furniture to the middle of the room, covered it in plastic, and started hammering down the old drywall!

The tear down/clean-up of that mess took about two days. I did about 30 minutes of work, it was rough (that was for you PDubs!), then PW insulated and the house was dramatically warmer.

And then he and his father took a day to hang up allllll the drywall.

A couple days of what I think is the worst job ever–taping, plastering, and sanding (again, I had no part in that–my job was slowly but surely coming). Then it was time to PAINT! The weekend we were ready to paint conveniently fell on our 4 day weeked due to Snowtober. We primed on Saturday, and got two coats up of the color on Sunday.

Yep–we went WAY out of comfort zone and painted the walls red! Once both coats were up, it was time to tear up the carpet so the trim could be put up. We worked on that a long, long time but it was worth it! Because 1) the house was done for the blog party 2) I am sitting in the living room enjoying it right now!

Without further ado, here is the outcome:



Before number 2:

After 2:

I do not think the pictures do it justice–I love it!! And yes, that it Law and Order on the tv in the first after picture, because I do not watch anything else 🙂

The pictures are deceiving because the room actually looks a LOT bigger, despite our dark paint choice. And check out the awesome floors! Feel free to tell PW what an awesome job he did on his blog.

Alright, check back later for a rundown on the Chex Mix Blog Party fun!


10 responses

  1. Wow that looks SO MUCH BETTER! I love bold colors for a room.. the only reason I want to buy a house is so that I could decorate, but I don’t want to do anything else with a house which is why I live in an apartment 🙂

  2. Wow! It looks so warm and cozy now! I’m really indecisive about how to decorate/paint our house. And its hard to get motivated to do anything about it when we’re just renting. Maybe a lightbulb will go off once we actually get a house of our own.

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