Chex Mix Berry Blog Party!

So on Friday I was lucky enough to hold not one, but TWO, blog/twitter parties–I just combined them into the same night! It was a Chex Mix/Driscoll’s Berry party.

Chex sent me their cereals and some recipes and told me to have at it. I scoped out the recipes and picked my favorite three. I must not have read them THAT carefully though because I missed the part about needed a microwave. We don’t have one so I did a lot of double boiling! It all ended up working out though so NBD!

I got home from school on Friday and went to work making three different kinds of Chex Mix:

The three I chose (with recipes):

Though all were eaten (and taken home!) fan favorite was definitely the Hot Buttered Yum!

At the end of the night everyone packed up their to go containers to bring what was left home (not much!)

This was the table at the end of the night:

I wanted to have a couple other snacks too so I supplied some chips, salsa, and guac for something a little more savory (served in my favorite bowls!)

Here is where the Driscoll’s part came in. They supplied me with some berries and some recipes. After checking them out, I knew I wanted to make the Brie. Ive never served or prepared brie…in fact, Ive only eaten it once!

I made it so it would be ready after all the guests arrived.

And served it with crostini:

And Im pretty sure this is what our guests (and us!) looked like after they tried it:

Here is the recipe for anyone that wants to recreate it–it was delicious, fast, and definitely worth it. My only edit was that I left the pistachios off.

Since I had the berries, I also decided to make mini-cheesecakes topped with macerated strawberries!

All in all the night was a success! Thanks to our guests for joining us and thank to Chex and Driscoll’s for sponsoring the night!


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