Every day I’m shufflin’…

Well, Snowtober happened. For those of you New Englanders, you know what I am talking about. A foot of snow, some snow days, no power, cancellation of Halloween, etc. We got lucky and didnt lose power which means that we spent every day from 8am-9pm working on finishing our living room. The snow days ended up working in my favor because it allowed me to spend an extra day finishing the floors and a day hunting down a new area rug, lamps, and barstools!

Anyways. On to important things. Like running! I have been keeping up a 2 runs a week schedule with Meg. This means only one thing: next week is going to be terrible. Our official training starts on Monday, and its going to be BAM–miles. Like a ton of bricks! I need some sort of motivation though or I will lay around crying about being tired, so this will be better in the end. No bike riding for me NOR PW yet, as our sun room (bike studio) is currently filled with window trim and baseboards. Again, everything evolved around finishing this room (FOR OUR CHEX/DRISCOLL PARTY ON FRIDAY WOOOO!), so it looks awesome! Cant wait to show the finished product.  Pdubs did a complete demolition/rebuild in 3 weeks!

Two last things. I know Halloween was cancelled in central MA, but I still found Waldo taking a stroll across Chandler on Monday. Wish I could have gotten a picture of his glasses:

And on Friday, before heading to a hilarious hynosis show, I got to snuggle one week old kittens. I wanted to take them all home but PW nixed that idea (might have something to do with the fact I think I am allergic!)

QUESTION: Anyone else doing the Hyannis Half in February?
I will be there with bells on. It will actually be my first half-marathon…ever. So no matter what I can PR 🙂


8 responses

  1. I’m considering Hyannis in February, but after running Cape Cod Marathon this past weekend (in the crazy winds), I might need a little more time to make my final decision. I’ve done the Hyannis before and really liked it, but of course (as you know), the weather is such a crazy variable.

  2. i think im running hyannis! i have the registration form on my desk right now. i definitely need a late winter goal otherwise ill be sitting at home eating and drinking from now until..um may.

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