Heyyyy Youuuuu Guyssss

I bare a striking resemblance to him πŸ™‚

So the last couple of weeks I have been sporadically running (with Meg!), sporadically cooking (not very often), and going out with PW and friends (very often). A few of those things are going to change though.

Meg and I committed to the Hyannis Half so I will be back to documenting runs….I am sorry if that is boring to you!

I hope to be cooking more too, as its winter which means soup/stew time (my favorite time!). I think the lure of McDonalds is starting to wear off PW, after 2 weeks. Hopefully more homecooked meals are on their way (like the pancakes I am about to make).

Since Hawaii and his rockstar time (race report on his blog!!) he has been off from training, and doing nothing but eating and working on the house! His October 2011 project is to completely insulate and drywall the living room. His October 2010 project was to insulate and drywall the dining room (which I documented in much detail last month). In 4 days he completely removed all drywall, insulated the entire room, and now 3 walls are covered in drywall! We have a deadline of November 3rd, so he is moving quickly. Here are pictures of what he has done so far…

Pre-removal. Have to move the furniture to the center of the room because we have no other room for it!

Insulation in!!

Drywall going in!

There you have it! The November 3rd deadline is because of a blog party I am hosting on November 4th. it is sponsored by Driscoll’s and Chex and more details will be forthcoming!!

And last news…I have pink hair!

We did it as a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness month at work!

Check back as my first run for Half training is TODAY!


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