Ironman Hawaii day from a Wife’s perspective

Today is October 8th.  It is kind of a huge deal in the triathlon world.  I woke up like it was Christmas morning!!!  Got a good breakfast in me, went to the grocery store, and then said good morning to PW (4am his time…10am my time!).  Then it was time to settle in and watch the race…

Here is my view, the one I have been looking at for the past 5.5 hours:

The dogs probably feel neglected.  It is 85 degrees out right now, so they are bonding in the sun room enjoying, well, the sun:

I am TRYING to keep busy while the bike ride is going on (the most boring part of an Ironman in my opinion!) by doing a ton of work:

And trying to write a paper.  That is due on Thursday.  And that I have had hanging over my head since August!  To procrastinate that further, I decided to make my first lasagna:

I am so looking forward to the run.  PW is going to own it and I cant wait to watch it go down (through the live tracking of course!).  And to see Cait run done a serious amount of pro ladies and land Top 5 (I can feel it, I know she will be up there!).  And, to hopefully see history happen when Julie/Mirinda beat Chrissie W!


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