Bacon Appetizers!!

I was heading to the most fun party of the year yesterday, and needed to find an appetizer to bring.  The only thing I was sure of: I wanted it to involve bacon.  I feel like bacon is an old stand-by: you really cannot go wrong by including it in a recipe.  It truly does make everything better.  So I hopped around the internet until I found a recipe that looked good: it involved crescent rolls, onions, cream cheese, and bacon.  Sold!

I started with my favorite part: frying the bacon!

The recipe called for raw onions but I feel that they are inferior to sauteed.  Especially those sauteed in bacon grease.  So thats what I did:

While that was happening, I began the process of the filling.  Cream cheese and parmesan cheese!  When the onions were finished, I added those too:

I wanted to make 16 bite size instead of 8 so I cut the crescent rolls in half and started filling and wrapping.  Lots of bacon!


Baked them and ta-da!

They were gone before I could even put the plate on the table so I guess they were good!

Above pictures so blurry because I was multi-tasking 🙂

Next up (after my bike ride) a synopsis of the vow renewel/wedding we went to with the most amazing food!!


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