Heyyyy Youuuuu Guyssss

I bare a striking resemblance to him ūüôā

So the last couple of weeks I have been sporadically running (with Meg!), sporadically cooking (not very often), and going out with PW and friends (very often). A few of those things are going to change though.

Meg and I committed to the Hyannis Half so I will be back to documenting runs….I am sorry if that is boring to you!

I hope to be cooking more too, as its winter which means soup/stew time (my favorite time!). I think the lure of McDonalds is starting to wear off PW, after 2 weeks. Hopefully more homecooked meals are on their way (like the pancakes I am about to make).

Since Hawaii and his rockstar time (race report on his blog!!) he has been off from training, and doing nothing but eating and working on the house! His October 2011 project is to completely insulate and drywall the living room. His October 2010 project was to insulate and drywall the dining room (which I documented in much detail last month). In 4 days he completely removed all drywall, insulated the entire room, and now 3 walls are covered in drywall! We have a deadline of November 3rd, so he is moving quickly. Here are pictures of what he has done so far…

Pre-removal. Have to move the furniture to the center of the room because we have no other room for it!

Insulation in!!

Drywall going in!

There you have it! The November 3rd deadline is because of a blog party I am hosting on November 4th. it is sponsored by Driscoll’s and Chex and more details will be forthcoming!!

And last news…I have pink hair!

We did it as a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness month at work!

Check back as my first run for Half training is TODAY!


Cream of Chicken and Wild Rice Soup–Victory!!!

My all-time favorite soup is Cream of Chicken and Wild Rice Soup from Panera. I could eat it every day and be happy. However I cannot AFFORD to eat it every day and have my wallet be happy. So I went on a soup mission to recreate it. The only creamy soup I have ever made was baked potato soup and that was different–it was cheese. This soup, I knew, would need a roux. My very first roux. So I went for it!

I found a recipe online and used the basic structure for a creamy soup and then edited it to make it more Panera like.
I started with saut√©ing some vegetables–1 carrot, 1/2 white onion, 1 clove garlic, 1 stalk celery, and 1/2 small white potato. All veggies were cut very small so they would cook in the pan:

While the vegetables were hanging out, I boiled 5 cups chicken stock with a rotisserie chicken, cubed:

I also added a package of wild rice, sans seasoning. All the recipes I looked at suggested putting the seasoning in with roux. I couldnt figure out why, but I went with it. I added the rice and vegetables and took the pot off the heat because I needed my full attention for what came next:

The roux. It seemed simple (a lot of butter, flour, and some sort of dairy product (heavy cream, half and half, milk). So, I got about 7 tablespoons of whipped butter (yeah, I seriously tried to save calories in the butter-HAHA!) melting in the pan and then added the seasoning from the rice.

Once it was hot I started adding in the flour, about a teaspoon at a time. I ended up adding about 1/3 up of flour. Then it was time for the cream! I went with half and half–about cups worth. This is what I was nervous about, because logic told me the cream would scald when added to the hot pan. I turned the pan down to low and started with a Tablespoon. I kept whipping and adding the cream until it became think (and not burned!!!)

Once it was thickened I added to the rice/chicken stock along with some salt and pepper and let boil away! It is sooo delicious. In my opinion, freshly baked bread is a requirement!

There is nothing healthy about this recipe, but there is everything delicious about it!!

Ironman Hawaii day from a Wife’s perspective

Today is October 8th. ¬†It is kind of a huge deal in the triathlon world. ¬†I woke up like it was Christmas morning!!! ¬†Got a good breakfast in me, went to the grocery store, and then said good morning to PW (4am his time…10am my time!). ¬†Then it was time to settle in and watch the race…

Here is my view, the one I have been looking at for the past 5.5 hours:

The dogs probably feel neglected.  It is 85 degrees out right now, so they are bonding in the sun room enjoying, well, the sun:

I am TRYING to keep busy while the bike ride is going on (the most boring part of an Ironman in my opinion!) by doing a ton of work:

And trying to write a paper.  That is due on Thursday.  And that I have had hanging over my head since August!  To procrastinate that further, I decided to make my first lasagna:

I am so looking forward to the run.  PW is going to own it and I cant wait to watch it go down (through the live tracking of course!).  And to see Cait run done a serious amount of pro ladies and land Top 5 (I can feel it, I know she will be up there!).  And, to hopefully see history happen when Julie/Mirinda beat Chrissie W!

Why I love Wedding Food…

I love wedding food. ¬†I like having my decisions made for me ūüôā ¬†It can take me forever¬†to decide on food when looking at a menu, so a fixed one is best. ¬†At the beginning of September, we headed to a fancy schmancy vow renewal down on the Cape. ¬†PW’s family knows how to have fun, so I knew we would be in for a good time!

The ceremony was actually right on the water (this place was unbelievably beautiful), here is a picture of SIL Dawn and I right after it!

 Note the Bellini and Mimosa!

Ian and Nick had some too…

The ceremony was followed by passed apps…why did I not think of frying mac and cheese before?!

There was also a deconstructed bruschetta which I dont have a picture of because I was too busy inhaling it!!

Dinner started with an heirloom tomato and goat cheese salad which was the highlight of my afternoon!

The picture I took of the rest of my dinner was so good it was apparently eaten by my phone. After dinner they had a cigar bar which was, even though I dont smoke cigars, very cool to watch her make them!  Then it was time for DESSERT!  My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip, I just love it.  So the ice cream sandwiches made with chocolate chips cookies were right up my alley!

I tried Mexican Hot Chocolate for the first time. ¬†I had no idea why it was called that until I got to the end and was like “OH!” and then drank 3 glasses of water!

And then it was time to DANCE!  While dancing, we were this close to the water:

P-Dubs family can get down:

Let’s just say, there was an awesome rendition of “Livin’ on a Prayer”!

While we were dancing, the waiters came back out….with CHEESESTEAKS! ¬†Such a great idea. ¬†Look at the bread this sandwich was one–it was delicious!

Then it was time to head home. ¬†Dawn brought some flowers home with her…haha!

It was a pretty fun Saturday afternoon!


Alright I feel blog caught up now after 2-in-one-day entries.  Now off to Sunday dinner at my parents house!

Bacon Appetizers!!

I was heading to the most fun party of the year yesterday, and needed to find an appetizer to bring.  The only thing I was sure of: I wanted it to involve bacon.  I feel like bacon is an old stand-by: you really cannot go wrong by including it in a recipe.  It truly does make everything better.  So I hopped around the internet until I found a recipe that looked good: it involved crescent rolls, onions, cream cheese, and bacon.  Sold!

I started with my favorite part: frying the bacon!

The recipe called for raw onions but I feel that they are inferior to sauteed.  Especially those sauteed in bacon grease.  So thats what I did:

While that was happening, I began the process of the filling.  Cream cheese and parmesan cheese!  When the onions were finished, I added those too:

I wanted to make 16 bite size instead of 8 so I cut the crescent rolls in half and started filling and wrapping.  Lots of bacon!


Baked them and ta-da!

They were gone before I could even put the plate on the table so I guess they were good!

Above pictures so blurry because I was multi-tasking ūüôā

Next up (after my bike ride) a synopsis of the vow renewel/wedding we went to with the most amazing food!!