Meatfest leading to a Meat Coma!

So today is an event I have been looking forward to for two years! One of my friends/coworker/was my math teacher and her husband have an annual Meatfest. It is many courses of meat, cooked correctly (and by that, I mean over HOURS), paced out throughout an afternoon. So a forewarning before I post these pictures: If you are a vegetarian/vegan and grossed out by meat pictures…do not scroll down!

When you arrive, you are greeted with the menu:

(Note the Mac and Cheese at 4pm. This is an integral part of the MeatFest. It is perfect and elusive. Only dedicated MeatFest-ers receive it…you need to get in line EARLY. I, of course, got in line at 3:30 for the 4pm showing because it involved bacon, cheese, and breadcrumbs)

First course was chili and cornbread (sweet chili, not spicy! PS I love corn in chili!)

Next up, pulled pork. After I made this plate, I was warned (as a newbie) to pace myself. I was in it for the long haul though, so I mentally got ready to forge on.

Then, mac and cheese. And by far the tastiest chicken wings I have ever had. To be fair, I only had 2 of those, and saved one for PW. They were breaded and fried. And one was buffalo (the sauce, not the animal, as I was so corrected 🙂 )  The mac and cheese EXCEEDED the hype.  The best I have ever had, and Ive had a lot of mac and cheese.  The pasta was cooked perfectly.  The best bread crumbs/pasta ratio.  It was HEAVENLY! 

I started to slow down at this point. I took a meat break and had a big bowl of fruit (which was an awesome fruit salad by the way–mango, kiwi, peach, plum, strawberry, grapes, and watermelon!) and a brownie.

Then it was time for ribs. I have to get this off my chest…Ribs freak me out (pun intended). I had never had one before. So, I went for the ribs that Chris had cut off the bone. I was pleasantly surprised!!

I then had 2 more brownies to cleanse my palate ( ha ha ha )

Lastly, it was time for brisket. I really like brisket, so I had to push through and fit it somewhere. Luckily, I have a stomach of enormous proportions and I was able to get it in!

Along with half a piece of cheesecake.

To be fair to my blog readers I also have to admit to consuming some of my potato salad, some avocado/corn salad, and some doritos.

I ate eveeeerything shown above, plus all those odds and (dessert) ends.

This “cookout” was legit!! These people know their meat! If you are lucky enough to receive an invitation, you better go! I earned next years invite by participating in every course and not going into a meat coma (until I got home).


5 responses

  1. Thanks for coming to the Meatfest. Great pictures and description. I end up spending so much time by the smokers getting the food into the hands (and bellies) of our guests I sometimes don’t hear how the whole thing went down. Next year, I’ll prep some more boneless ribs just for you.

  2. Quite impressive 😉

    Oh, a tangent: I was running on the bikepath at work the other day (Marlborough), and can’t believe you ran a RACE on that stupid path. You’re so a better person than I.. Brutal.

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