We remodeled our dining room ourselves…Before and After Pictures!

Alright, I say we but really…PW. My only input was doing all the painting, ordering the countertop, and picking out/putting together the dining room set. He did all the demolition, wall building, insulting, drywall installing, etc!

So, our house is from “around” 1915. Its pretty old. And before us, some pretty old people lived here. Here is the before picture from the day we moved in:

We noticed there was no insulation anywhere in the house (by the drafts and how freezing cold it got in the winter!). And, the room was wallpapered. The only solution? Tear down the drywall.

This made THE biggest mess, and I am so happy this time in my life is over. Seriously!

PW and his dad put in insulation:

And drywall:

THAT was an event. Install, tape, plaster, sand, plaster again, sand. Gah! I did NOT do much of that. I was too busy painting window trim with 100 coats of paint!

In the middle of all this, we found a happy surprise. We could see this hiding under the carpet. Could it be?

Didnt want to get too excited, just in case the rest of the floor was in bad shape. But PW and I made the commitment 2 days ago, and ripped it all up.


Installed the countertop between the dining room and kitchen:

Bought a classy dining room set:

And now? Its perfect! The only thing left to do is the line on the wall/ceiling between the kitchen and dining room, and the baseboards. Check it out!

Here is a before/after right next to eachother. Tearing down that wall opened the entire house up!

Love it!!

Last night we even had a dinner party to celebrate the new room (and having somewhere for us all to eat). Taco bar!

And I made the best margaritas….ever, for us. The recipe? Frozen limemade concentrate instead of margarita mix. So good!

Alright, I am off to do my long run before our BakedPotatoSaladReceiving Parties!!


7 responses

  1. That is impressive. The room looks awesome! I lived through a bathroom renovation that lasted three years…. (b/c we did it ourselves…) Those self-projects are messy and a killer to live through!!

  2. Amazing that wall to wall carpet was so popular. When we looking to buy our place, we asked if there was hardwood under the carpet. She had lived here her entire life and didn’t know. (there was). All carpeting was torn out and the floors finished before we moved in.
    Nice work. Tough to fit projects like that around Half Iron training!

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