Baked Potato Salad. And a dining room remodel sneak peek!

I have so much to blog about, I dont even know where to start. I think I will have to do it in installments.

1) Baked potato salad
2) Dining room remodeled (now finished)
3) Our first dinner party!

Okay so part one. It is Labor Day weekend. I got an extra week off from work due to Hurricane (Tropical Storm) Irene. We have a lot of parties to attend. I decided to make one side dish for these parties. I had it once before and knew I had to recreate it–Baked Potato Salad!

I am not usually a fan of potato salad (read: not at all). I AM a fan of bacon though! I mean really, most people are. I am also a fan of all things potato/bacon related: baked potato soup, potato skins, mashed potatoes with add-ins, etc. So this recipe was a homerun for me! Not to mention it was SO easy!

-Bacon (!!!)
-2 lbs potatoes (I used red.)
-Green onions
-Sour Cream
-White vinegar
-Cheddar cheese (optional)

So far, so good. While frying up the bacon (I cooked an entire pound because its impossible for me to cook it without eating 1/3 of it), boil your potatoes. I peeled half, and left the other half with its pretty red skin. Cube them, boil them. They are done when they are potato salad consistency. Drain.

Mix 1/2 cup mayo with 3/4 cup sour cream. I used light for both of them, because really, with bacon can you really tell if its low-fat? Add in salt and pepper to taste. and 2 Tablespoons vinegar. Mix potatoes in this fabulous dressing you just made. Top with cut green onions (include the top!), cheese, and crumbled bacon. Done.

You will be a hit, I promise! Mess around with the sour cream/mayo ratio until you get one you like. But dont leave out the bacon.

In other news, I dyed my hair black. I meant to make it dark brown but that didnt happen. Oops!

I have to go finish prepping for this dinner fiesta, but here is a sneak peak of the dining room. We pulled up the carpet to reveal…perfectly intact wood floors! Woohoo!

My intention is to post a before/after picture of the dining room tonight…along with dinner party pictures. So check back!


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