Moving around a week of runs!

Oh, Irene. Irene, Irene, Irene. On Thursday, I knew today would be a washout. In fact, I felt all my papers to write for today since I figured I would have nothing else to do (thats how I justified my procrastination!!).
I only had 49 miles to run, so i figured it would be no problem fitting it all in. And then, I didnt feel like doing my recovery run on Tuesday. OOPS! So this is how it all shook out:

Monday/Tuesday: nothing. I did an insane amount of cleaning though! And a 60 min recovery ride on Monday.
Wednesday: 75 min run with 2×15 hard in the middle
Thursday: 35 min Zone 1 run in the am, 35 min recovery run at night. 60 minute recovery ride.
Friday: 65 minute hill bounding session (6 hills!) Oh and I built a dining room set, can definitely still feel that in my arms!
Saturday: Had to put my long run here…boo! My quads were shot from the hills. 90 min am, 40 min HARD pm in the rain!
Sunday: Nothing!

I am missing 60 minutes so instead of taking tomorrow off, I will take today off an squeeze that in tomorrow!

This morning at 5am, I was awoken by the wind. Irene! I thought you were still in NYC! Since I was up, I decided to do everything I would want eletricity for: make coffee, make breakfast, take a shower, do some stuff for school, charge my iPad, etc.

Now we are in the midst of this:

That picture doesnt do it justice, the rain and wind are berserk! I dont think the actual Hurricane is landing for 2 more hours though.
I have my power outage plan all set. Once the tv/computer is gone:
-lesson planning on pen/paper
-ride my bike while watching downloaded tv on my iPad
-Words with Friends on my phone (thank goodness for 3G!)

The basement is currently clear, the power is still on, and no trees are currently on my car–lets hope all of those things stay that way! Just in case though, I think Ill eat everything out of the freezer to be safe.


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  1. Nice work getting in the majority of your runs on a crazy week! And I also consider myself luck w/ power, dry basement, and no big trees down! I took the day off from running, but snuck in an hour trainer ride this morning. Felt good to sweat on an otherwise stircrazy kinda day!

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