I dont know about everyone else, but the only Hurricane I can remember hitting Massachusetts is Hurricane Bob (I know Gloria hit in ’85, but I was only 2!)  What I remember from HB?  Staying at my grandparents house, trees down everywhere, stuff in the yard getting hit by lightning, no power.  Not exactly found memories, although my grandpa was super handy and had a generator all set up so we werent lacking for long.  However, since I was EIGHT years old when it happened, I had no idea what went into planning for weather like this to hit.

After doing some research this is the most important thing I have found.  Hurricanes, in particular this one, have the most rain to the west of the eye, and most wind to the eastof the eye.  Most of Massachusetts will be to the East!  Candles are a big NO.  I thought I should stock up because it never occured to me that it would be dangerous.  High winds make it so!

I took the liberty of doing the research for MA residents. Here is the emergency kit for Hurricanes via the Red Cross website:

Water—one gallon per person, per day (3­day supply for evacuation, 2­week supply for home)
Food—non­perishable, easy­to­prepare items (3­day supply for evacuation, 2­week supply for home)
Battery­powered or hand­crank radio (NOAA Weather Radio, if possible)
Extra batteries
First aid kit
Medications (7­day supply) and medical items
Multi­purpose tool
Sanitation and personal hygiene items
Copies of personal documents (medication list and pertinent medical information, proof of address, deed/lease to home, passports, birth certificates, insurance policies)
Cell phone with chargers
Family and emergency contact information
Extra cash
Emergency blanket

Filling your car with gas is also recommended!

Okay, on that positive note! Last night I decided it was time to finally buy Adele’s CD. PW is probably sick of me absolutely BLASTING the radio anytime one of her songs comes on and singing along. Mostly because I am an absolutely terrible singer, but pretend that I am not, and totally sing with Adele like I am awesome. If I buy the CD, it will eventually lose its appeal. So I burned the CD off iTunes, which is something I havent done in years. And then made a mix CD! I was pretty proud of this one, it has a lot of my favorite songs on it, and I cannot wait to drive to school today so I can listen to it!

Also, our counter eventually did get dropped off yesterday and it looks awesome! I will post a picture later (Im sure you are in suspense 🙂 ). After my recovery run and flashlight/gallon of water buying!!!!


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  1. Hurricane Bob was the day before I left for my freshman year in college. Almost 20 years to the day. Ugh! I grew up on the South Shore but was going to school in Illinois. We had packed my Dad’s minivan with all of my wordly belongings and I prayed that my Dad’s car would not be hit by a tree. It wasn’t and we drove to Illinois the day after the storm.

  2. I love Adele – I have both albums. “Someone Like You” is my current fave. I love the mix you posted – I have all that music, I may recreate it! I love that Mazzy Star is in there. You introduced me to Mazzy Star in high school… memories.

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