Timberman 70.3 2011

So Saturday morning we woke up early–me to do mile repeats on the track, PW to carbo load a breakfast at Denny’s, then reconvened for packing/traveling to Timberman! It was a weekend of traffic for sure–so we didnt end up at Jesse and Chrissie’s until almost 6 (post check in and bike drop off!). A quick dinner, some visiting time with the Cutest Baby Ever, hilarious Tim stories, and it was time for bed. 4:20 wake up call!

Usually PW does the sprint up here, then we stay and watch the half–their big hike is usually the Monday after (today). Since they werent doing the hike this year, we headed over EARLY to get a parking spot. Which we did. And it was awesome, because it served as my personal dressing room/food cabinet. PW’s wave didnt start until 7:55 (!!!), so while he headed down to hang out at the swim start for an hour, I headed out for my run. I could tell it was going to get nasty humid out there and wanted to get it over with. An easy hour and I was changed, recovered with Honey Milk, and at the bike start to catch Tapply/PW/Jesse going out on the bike!!

A few pictures from the race…I took a million pictures of the Pro’s because they were out there for a full lap before I saw anyone else (because of their hour lead!):

(Cait and Rasmus Henning. I was with Gloekler and some other kids who were clearly making them all laugh when they ran by!)

Mike and Chrissie Wellington!

And there were some QT2ers flying out there too…The Tappster, Mike, and The Wizard himself (Jesse!).  Jason and Ben were there too but I somehow missed them!

Post-race, they shut the whole shebang down because it was due to storm. So PW and I did the natural thing–headed to Patrick’s Pub to wait out the lightning!  I realize there’s no picture of PW…thats because I was videotaping him for his blog!  Check it out later, he should have the video up!  Not to be a spoiler but: he went 4:21 with a 2:23 bike (!! thats a 23.3 mph average) and was 4th age grouper overall!

Five hours later we were home! I slept for about 11 hours…and now? Its a recovery day. And school doesnt start for a week. So I am going to lesson plan, and swim. And probably take advantage of this last week and ride and nap!


I want to bring back my “Interview” series. Who should I ask to be my first comeback? The last 3 were Little Miss Runshine, Dede Griesbauer, and Ethan Brown.


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