Pun Friday

So, last week, when I updated my blog with “oh hey I am taking this cool class for the next 7 days!”, I did NOT expect to fall off the face of the internet!  But then I did.  The class was amazing.  I got many, many ideas.  And a graphing calculator to boot.  But, after a summer of doing nothing but running, doing math and lesson planning for a week was exhausting.  Luckily, this week was also a recovery week so my running wasnt impacted too badly by sloth-ness.

But alas, the class is now over.  I have 2 weekends before school starts again.  This weekend (tomorrow) we are heading to New Hampshire, as PW is racing Timberman on Sunday.  My Masters program also starts on Thursday (!!!).

Since I have neglected ye olde blog for so long, I thought I would show it some lovin’ with some quality raccoon spoken puns from SoMuchPun.com (which is of course, if you know me, one of my favorite websites of all time!!!)

And just because the new school year starts soon, here are a couple from Chemistry Cat too (he is one witty, glasses and tie wearin’ cat!)

Hope you at least smiled! Alright, this gal has got to get up early and do some mile repeats on the track (FUN!!!)!


5 responses

  1. I had a book called “The Worlds Worst Jokes” when I was little and the above racoon jokes sound like they were straight out of it! Here’s a sampling…
    “What animal can jump higher than a house? All of them, a house can’t jump!”
    “Why does a chimeny smoke? It can’t chew!”
    “What did the grape say when the elephant sat on it? Nothing, it just gave out a little wine…”
    “What did Cinderella say when her pictures didn’t arrive? Someday my Prints will come!”
    … I could go on forever… I’m a lover just like yoU!!

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