Family Game Night

So last night was the second annual game night with PW’s family. The tradition (its the second year, so now everything is a tradition) includes a game of whiffle ball, board games, s’mores, and dinner outside. We had barbeque outside to start:

Then played whiffle ball until we (and our dogs) had to lay down in the grass to recover. We did, in fact, play boys vs girls and the ladies definitely held our own! Then we settled in for some s’mores cooked over the grill 🙂 Summer is not complete without at least one! Then it was time for…Apples to Apples! I love this game:

And then: CAKE TIME! I jokingly said a while ago that we should have a party for being part of their family for 6 years (PW and I started dating SIX YEARS AGO! crazy) Well, my awesome mother-in-law made a cake to celebrate!

And Nick took a million pictures of me with the cake (dont mind my crazy whiffle ball hair):

They told me my smile was lame, so the next 999,999 pictures are me with this face:

Um, yeah. I did just put that picture on my blog. And I did name that sopretty.jpg.

It is suuuuuper muggy out today, so I am parked in front of the fan watching JarHead and contemplating cake leftovers!!

Looking for a running blog update? Check back in tomorrow when I recap the long run!


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