Another Weekend Gone…

I only have 3 more weekends left before school starts again!! We did have a productive one though. It all started Friday when we traveled to “The Wizards” house for PW to get an LT (Lactic Threshold) test. He did this:

And I hung out with this guy:

I think I bored him, because 2 seconds later he sat like this:

The boys rode for a couple of hours and I hung out with The Perfect Baby. Then we went home and did a recovery run!
I knew Saturday/Sunday was going to be rough running wise. Woke up Saturday and did an hour at about 11. Then did another 30 minutes recovery around 7. I loooove running at dusk. So not hot, and relaxing. That might have been the recovery pace too (I averaged 11 min/mi 🙂 )

Sunday morning we got up bright and early because PW was RACING!!! He was signed up to do the Lowell Olympic (yeah, they swim in the river). This was the perfect opportunity for me to get in my 114 minute run in the early morning hours on a flat, flat course. He raced while I ran back and forth along the course to cheer and give splits. It was a good day for both of us–he got second place overall (1:53 total time) and I had my fastest/furthest long run of the season.

Here is PW getting his award (the kid with him up there, his name is Patrick WILER, he was third overall, and accidentally went up to get PW’s award-ha!)

That run was no joke for me. I ended up eating an entire package of clif bloks, a double latte power gel, and an entire bottle of orange powerade zero. And downed a Mix 1 within 30 seconds of finishing running! 13.2 miles later though…Ill take it.

We zipped home and I took a super fast shower before heading out to Oxford for a baby shower. My cousin recently had a baby girl so there was a meet and greet. I overcame my urges and had no dessert!! Here they are in the midst of present opening.

I came home and went to bed. Well, not really, but I was asleep by 9!

Today is laid back, a short ride and a short run, then I have an awesome (core friendly) dinner planned that I will definitely be putting up on here tonight, so check back!


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