Moving around a week of runs!

Oh, Irene. Irene, Irene, Irene. On Thursday, I knew today would be a washout. In fact, I felt all my papers to write for today since I figured I would have nothing else to do (thats how I justified my procrastination!!).
I only had 49 miles to run, so i figured it would be no problem fitting it all in. And then, I didnt feel like doing my recovery run on Tuesday. OOPS! So this is how it all shook out:

Monday/Tuesday: nothing. I did an insane amount of cleaning though! And a 60 min recovery ride on Monday.
Wednesday: 75 min run with 2×15 hard in the middle
Thursday: 35 min Zone 1 run in the am, 35 min recovery run at night. 60 minute recovery ride.
Friday: 65 minute hill bounding session (6 hills!) Oh and I built a dining room set, can definitely still feel that in my arms!
Saturday: Had to put my long run here…boo! My quads were shot from the hills. 90 min am, 40 min HARD pm in the rain!
Sunday: Nothing!

I am missing 60 minutes so instead of taking tomorrow off, I will take today off an squeeze that in tomorrow!

This morning at 5am, I was awoken by the wind. Irene! I thought you were still in NYC! Since I was up, I decided to do everything I would want eletricity for: make coffee, make breakfast, take a shower, do some stuff for school, charge my iPad, etc.

Now we are in the midst of this:

That picture doesnt do it justice, the rain and wind are berserk! I dont think the actual Hurricane is landing for 2 more hours though.
I have my power outage plan all set. Once the tv/computer is gone:
-lesson planning on pen/paper
-ride my bike while watching downloaded tv on my iPad
-Words with Friends on my phone (thank goodness for 3G!)

The basement is currently clear, the power is still on, and no trees are currently on my car–lets hope all of those things stay that way! Just in case though, I think Ill eat everything out of the freezer to be safe.



I dont know about everyone else, but the only Hurricane I can remember hitting Massachusetts is Hurricane Bob (I know Gloria hit in ’85, but I was only 2!)  What I remember from HB?  Staying at my grandparents house, trees down everywhere, stuff in the yard getting hit by lightning, no power.  Not exactly found memories, although my grandpa was super handy and had a generator all set up so we werent lacking for long.  However, since I was EIGHT years old when it happened, I had no idea what went into planning for weather like this to hit.

After doing some research this is the most important thing I have found.  Hurricanes, in particular this one, have the most rain to the west of the eye, and most wind to the eastof the eye.  Most of Massachusetts will be to the East!  Candles are a big NO.  I thought I should stock up because it never occured to me that it would be dangerous.  High winds make it so!

I took the liberty of doing the research for MA residents. Here is the emergency kit for Hurricanes via the Red Cross website:

Water—one gallon per person, per day (3­day supply for evacuation, 2­week supply for home)
Food—non­perishable, easy­to­prepare items (3­day supply for evacuation, 2­week supply for home)
Battery­powered or hand­crank radio (NOAA Weather Radio, if possible)
Extra batteries
First aid kit
Medications (7­day supply) and medical items
Multi­purpose tool
Sanitation and personal hygiene items
Copies of personal documents (medication list and pertinent medical information, proof of address, deed/lease to home, passports, birth certificates, insurance policies)
Cell phone with chargers
Family and emergency contact information
Extra cash
Emergency blanket

Filling your car with gas is also recommended!

Okay, on that positive note! Last night I decided it was time to finally buy Adele’s CD. PW is probably sick of me absolutely BLASTING the radio anytime one of her songs comes on and singing along. Mostly because I am an absolutely terrible singer, but pretend that I am not, and totally sing with Adele like I am awesome. If I buy the CD, it will eventually lose its appeal. So I burned the CD off iTunes, which is something I havent done in years. And then made a mix CD! I was pretty proud of this one, it has a lot of my favorite songs on it, and I cannot wait to drive to school today so I can listen to it!

Also, our counter eventually did get dropped off yesterday and it looks awesome! I will post a picture later (Im sure you are in suspense 🙂 ). After my recovery run and flashlight/gallon of water buying!!!!

Shopping: 1, Running: 0. Bonus: Core Diet Update

I had great intentions yesterday…I was going to get up early, do my 75 minute run, and then head to school to start setting up my classroom.  However, when I woke up I was exhausted and missed that morning run opportunity.  I did get into the school and start to set up my desks but have to wait for my new desk before I can continue!  I left around 10:30 and then decided to pick up a few things for the new school year (colored pencils, erasers, pencil sharpener, etc.) because Ocean State Job Lot has a 30% off deal for teachers!  Well, that one stop turned into 4 hours of shopping all over metrowest.  Soooo not kidding.  Once I start I cannot stop!  I did get stuff for my students, but my highlight was this:

Which allowed me to make this:

Which was the best homemade pizza I have ever had.  The pan makes all the difference.  I usually use a cookie sheet and it does not compare!  This actually tasted like a pizza you ordered out!!!

I also finally got shades for our dining room.  It is still a work in progress but it is lightyears ahead of where we started!  PW knocked down a wall, tore down the drywall on the other 3 walls, redrywalled, and built a wall/counter.  I….did the painting 🙂 On that note, Dont mind the painting issue in the picture below, we still have to put up the molding!

I bought those yesterday and may or may not have begged PW to help me put them up within 5 seconds of me coming home!  I just wanted to make sure I liked them, because I was hesitant at first.  Once we get a valance I will be in love with their Bamboo-ness!

Now that I made you sit through that, lets get to what youre probably here for: The Core Diet Update.  If you recall, about 6 weeks ago I decided to was time to put up or shut up and commit to The Core.  I have had some off meals (as evident by my above dinner) but the results have been pretty drastic.  My goal was to lose 7% body fat which would equal out to a little under 9 pounds of fat.  My BMI was an issue too–I was lacking some serious muscle!  I needed a protein focus with some serious TRX.  6 weeks later: I have lost 4.5% body fat and 7 pounds.  This includes some end of summer fun, too.  I have 7 weeks left (6 weeks of deficit) so I think I may be able to surpass my initial goal!  I still have a few pounds to meet last years race weight though…the winter was fun!

Side note: It has come to my attention I lose/gain most of my weight in my arms.  This is weird to me.  (Dont worry–I am a girl so I lose/gain in my belly too 🙂 ) PW pinches me weekly, and I have lost 7 mm (are they mm?  I dont know what the measurement is!)  of arm fat over the course of 6 weeks.  And 0mm from my legs.  Body fat dispersion is so weird!

I will check back in, in a couple of weeks with my final update!  I will say this: If you follow it, it works.  It is a science, and specific for sport, but it is based on a basic concept: calories in, calories out.  Sure, it takes some effort.  And sure, sometimes I just want a piece of cheesecake.  But I havent been too deprived (I have been having cheat meals still!).  But in all reality its not that hard.  

Dont tell PW I said that though…because the first few weeks when you feel like its not worth it, well, he got to listen to a LOT of complaining!

Our counter is being delivered from Home Depot today, so I am going to go sit by the window waiting for them impatiently!

Timberman 70.3 2011

So Saturday morning we woke up early–me to do mile repeats on the track, PW to carbo load a breakfast at Denny’s, then reconvened for packing/traveling to Timberman! It was a weekend of traffic for sure–so we didnt end up at Jesse and Chrissie’s until almost 6 (post check in and bike drop off!). A quick dinner, some visiting time with the Cutest Baby Ever, hilarious Tim stories, and it was time for bed. 4:20 wake up call!

Usually PW does the sprint up here, then we stay and watch the half–their big hike is usually the Monday after (today). Since they werent doing the hike this year, we headed over EARLY to get a parking spot. Which we did. And it was awesome, because it served as my personal dressing room/food cabinet. PW’s wave didnt start until 7:55 (!!!), so while he headed down to hang out at the swim start for an hour, I headed out for my run. I could tell it was going to get nasty humid out there and wanted to get it over with. An easy hour and I was changed, recovered with Honey Milk, and at the bike start to catch Tapply/PW/Jesse going out on the bike!!

A few pictures from the race…I took a million pictures of the Pro’s because they were out there for a full lap before I saw anyone else (because of their hour lead!):

(Cait and Rasmus Henning. I was with Gloekler and some other kids who were clearly making them all laugh when they ran by!)

Mike and Chrissie Wellington!

And there were some QT2ers flying out there too…The Tappster, Mike, and The Wizard himself (Jesse!).  Jason and Ben were there too but I somehow missed them!

Post-race, they shut the whole shebang down because it was due to storm. So PW and I did the natural thing–headed to Patrick’s Pub to wait out the lightning!  I realize there’s no picture of PW…thats because I was videotaping him for his blog!  Check it out later, he should have the video up!  Not to be a spoiler but: he went 4:21 with a 2:23 bike (!! thats a 23.3 mph average) and was 4th age grouper overall!

Five hours later we were home! I slept for about 11 hours…and now? Its a recovery day. And school doesnt start for a week. So I am going to lesson plan, and swim. And probably take advantage of this last week and ride and nap!


I want to bring back my “Interview” series. Who should I ask to be my first comeback? The last 3 were Little Miss Runshine, Dede Griesbauer, and Ethan Brown.

Pun Friday

So, last week, when I updated my blog with “oh hey I am taking this cool class for the next 7 days!”, I did NOT expect to fall off the face of the internet!  But then I did.  The class was amazing.  I got many, many ideas.  And a graphing calculator to boot.  But, after a summer of doing nothing but running, doing math and lesson planning for a week was exhausting.  Luckily, this week was also a recovery week so my running wasnt impacted too badly by sloth-ness.

But alas, the class is now over.  I have 2 weekends before school starts again.  This weekend (tomorrow) we are heading to New Hampshire, as PW is racing Timberman on Sunday.  My Masters program also starts on Thursday (!!!).

Since I have neglected ye olde blog for so long, I thought I would show it some lovin’ with some quality raccoon spoken puns from (which is of course, if you know me, one of my favorite websites of all time!!!)

And just because the new school year starts soon, here are a couple from Chemistry Cat too (he is one witty, glasses and tie wearin’ cat!)

Hope you at least smiled! Alright, this gal has got to get up early and do some mile repeats on the track (FUN!!!)!

Apple Crisp and Math

I havent been blogging, but I have been taking pictures like I was! I dont even know where to begin. I put off Sundays long run until 5pm, and at that point I didnt have the cojones to do it: it was 90%, 100% humidity, with a dewpoint of 70. What I am saying is that I knew it would be brutal and I mentally needed a good run. So I did the unthinkable and pushed it to Monday (I moved stuff around and did a short run on Sunday, so I could still have a post-long run recovery day dont worry!(

And, because I wanted it to be, I had a great run! Did a short recovery run and bike ride on Tuesday then woke up early today. Drove to my hometown to see the ‘rents and banged out 90 minutes with 2×15 in Zone 2 (tempo) in the middle. Again: a great run. I semi carbo loaded last night with some popovers so maybe thats the key 😉

Other things that have been going on: I made an awesome Apple Crisp…from scratch! Its getting to be that season. As soon as the pumpkin flavored beers come out, its free reign for apple centered autumnn themed desserts.

It started with the crumb topping, which, I could eat as a dessert in and of itself. Brown sugar/quick oats/flour/melted butter:

Sliced up some apples. I prefer Granny Smith!

Throw some sugar, flour, and water on top of the apples then topped with the crisp. Felt like it took forever to bake–seriously longer than a pie, about 70 minutes. Totally worth every stinkin’ second though:

I brought it to our friends house last night and even Grissom, their cat who is secretly a dog (maybe a human actually) liked it!

I also FINALLY baked another loaf of The Core Diet Power Bar replacement Banana Bread. You read that right. One slice has the same nutritional stats as a Power Bar! We are both in pretty big training weeks (uhh comparatively–I am running 62 miles-8 hours-plus a few hours biking, PW is doing 31 hours!) and its SO nice to have a ready made breakfast before workouts thats tasty and DIFFERENT!

Now, I need to hit the hay. Because tomorrow, last minute, I am taking a class! It is 7 days and comes highly recommended…it is called Increasing Accessibility to Algebra & Geometry.  Which is extremely relevant to my life.  And yes, I am really excited about it! I hope it includes how to do this on a TI-Inspire:

Probably not though. I think its more mathy than that 🙂 Wish me luck–I havent taken a class (if you dont count massage school) since my bachelor’s degree in 2005! I am also starting my Masters this month. Eeeek! I am a pro at a time management. Or at least I hope to become one!


Do you love autumn related foods? Pumpkin spice donuts/beer/coffee? Apple pies?

I live for Dunkin Donuts Iced Pumpkin Spice coffee. I dont know what they do to it, but I could drink the syrup straight!

Whens the last time you were in a classroom? Other than to teach of course. Any advice for me, going back?

Im a little nervous about fitting back into the student role!

Family Game Night

So last night was the second annual game night with PW’s family. The tradition (its the second year, so now everything is a tradition) includes a game of whiffle ball, board games, s’mores, and dinner outside. We had barbeque outside to start:

Then played whiffle ball until we (and our dogs) had to lay down in the grass to recover. We did, in fact, play boys vs girls and the ladies definitely held our own! Then we settled in for some s’mores cooked over the grill 🙂 Summer is not complete without at least one! Then it was time for…Apples to Apples! I love this game:

And then: CAKE TIME! I jokingly said a while ago that we should have a party for being part of their family for 6 years (PW and I started dating SIX YEARS AGO! crazy) Well, my awesome mother-in-law made a cake to celebrate!

And Nick took a million pictures of me with the cake (dont mind my crazy whiffle ball hair):

They told me my smile was lame, so the next 999,999 pictures are me with this face:

Um, yeah. I did just put that picture on my blog. And I did name that sopretty.jpg.

It is suuuuuper muggy out today, so I am parked in front of the fan watching JarHead and contemplating cake leftovers!!

Looking for a running blog update? Check back in tomorrow when I recap the long run!

Dinner at Tre Monté in Woburn!

I was lucky enough to attend a blogger dinner at Tre Monté in Woburn last night. Meg and I headed in and arrived just before our 7:30 meet up time. We were soon joined by the rest of the bloggers:

Let’s start with the food. We first sat down to bread with oil, as well as bottles of Pinot Bianco and Chianti.



Anthony (the owner and chef) prepared plates of his favorite appetizers for us all to share as a table. We started with Arancini. This was my first Arancini and it did not disappoint!



We also had sausage with cannellini beans, Bolognese, and Grand Marnier shrimp:






But, the star of the entire night was the Melanzana. I am not an eggplant fan, or at least I thought I wasnt! The texture of this was perfect. Lightly breaded, topped with creamy alfredo. Heaven! This dish alone is worth going to Tre Monté.

We then each chose an entreé. And I made sure to try those around me, as well! I was stuck between the Chicken Parmigiana and the Stuffed Chicken (prioscutto and marscapone cheese stuffed under the skin). In the end I went with the Chicken Parm, if only because I knew I would not be able to eat it all after all those appetizers, and PW would enjoy the leftovers. Boy was I right about not being able to eat it all–the portions were HUGE!

The chicken was good. The chicken and breading thin enough that it wasn’t overwhelmed with the taste/texture of the oil. Highlight #2 of the night was the homemade pasta that it came with. Al Dente perfection!


Other dinner’s included the swordfish special with potato gratin, the broccoli rabe with sausage, as well as the rib-eye and gnocchi specials!


And then–we were brought out an array of desserts! I truly did not think I would be able to fit any more, but when Anthony told us they were from Italy, I knew I had to do what I could. I then proceeded to talk about the cannoli for 15 minutes. Im sure my dinner company thought I was nuts–I could not stop raving about it/moaning/weeping a lot. It was that good! We also had profiteroles and tiramisu. Also good! I even brought a piece of the Tiramisu home for PW so he could taste an AUTHENTIC italian dessert (not chain restaurant dessert!)

About the restaurant itself…

The food was delicious, but what sold me was how passionate the owner and chef, Anthony, was. You could tell he was a man that truly loved what he did. The stories he relayed of his grandmothers cooking traditional Italian food, how it inspired him, and how he incorporates it into his restaurant really let his passion shine.

It is on Main St in Woburn, easily accessible from Route 95. Ample parking behind the restaurant. The servers, bartenders, and chef were friendly and accessible. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to the Boston crowd. Actually–Id recommend to the Central Mass people too–it is totally worth the drive!!

Thanks to Tre Monté for having us and Boston Food Bloggers for setting up!

Beer Marinated Steak = Dinner WIN!

After a small dinner last night, I had a terrible run this morning. I cut it short and promised bigger and better things for tomorrow AM. And I also promised myself a nice, filling, semi-carbo loading dinner. Enter: steak tips. Ive only made steak once, and that was in the oven. We recently acquired a grill (thanks Mom and Dad!), so it was time to put on my big girl pants and grill up some meat!

I dont know WHY I thought to marinate the steak in beer (actually, its probably because Ive been thinking of making Beer Fries since I read the post!) But it ended up being a great decision. This was, no joke, the BEST steak Ive ever had. Ever.

1/2 bottle good beer (I used Blue Moon Winter Seasonal because its what I had)
1/4 cup olive oil
2 cloves garlic whole

Thats it! I put all of that, and the steak, into a ziploc bag in the fridge. I let it sit for about 1.5 hours then took it out and set it on the counter for the last 30 min (to get it back to room temperature).

Grilled up (hot grill, turned to medium when I put the steak on, grill 4 minutes on each side–only flip once! And make sure to let it sit before cutting it!) It was so tender–seriously the best.

I had mine with roasted potatoes and brussels sprouts:

PW had his with a red/sweet potato medley and a pound of vegetables.

You know who else had steak? This girl:

It is her 5th birthday today!

I grilled her up a little mini steak and cut it into pieces. Dont worry, we gave some to Chloe too so she wouldnt feel left out.

In other news, yesterdays lunch was homemade taquitos with refried beans and chicken in a low carb wrap. I am 2 for 2 with the meals as of late!

And for a quick catch-up:

PW updated his blog with a race report from the Olympic distance race he did Sunday. He was second overall! Not bad for an LT test 2 days prior 😉

AND I met Little Miss Runshine at the same race–she was competing in her first triathlon, the Wild Cat Sprint. Which she totally owned. She is as cute (and fast) in real life as youd anticipate:

Another Weekend Gone…

I only have 3 more weekends left before school starts again!! We did have a productive one though. It all started Friday when we traveled to “The Wizards” house for PW to get an LT (Lactic Threshold) test. He did this:

And I hung out with this guy:

I think I bored him, because 2 seconds later he sat like this:

The boys rode for a couple of hours and I hung out with The Perfect Baby. Then we went home and did a recovery run!
I knew Saturday/Sunday was going to be rough running wise. Woke up Saturday and did an hour at about 11. Then did another 30 minutes recovery around 7. I loooove running at dusk. So not hot, and relaxing. That might have been the recovery pace too (I averaged 11 min/mi 🙂 )

Sunday morning we got up bright and early because PW was RACING!!! He was signed up to do the Lowell Olympic (yeah, they swim in the river). This was the perfect opportunity for me to get in my 114 minute run in the early morning hours on a flat, flat course. He raced while I ran back and forth along the course to cheer and give splits. It was a good day for both of us–he got second place overall (1:53 total time) and I had my fastest/furthest long run of the season.

Here is PW getting his award (the kid with him up there, his name is Patrick WILER, he was third overall, and accidentally went up to get PW’s award-ha!)

That run was no joke for me. I ended up eating an entire package of clif bloks, a double latte power gel, and an entire bottle of orange powerade zero. And downed a Mix 1 within 30 seconds of finishing running! 13.2 miles later though…Ill take it.

We zipped home and I took a super fast shower before heading out to Oxford for a baby shower. My cousin recently had a baby girl so there was a meet and greet. I overcame my urges and had no dessert!! Here they are in the midst of present opening.

I came home and went to bed. Well, not really, but I was asleep by 9!

Today is laid back, a short ride and a short run, then I have an awesome (core friendly) dinner planned that I will definitely be putting up on here tonight, so check back!