Love that dirty water

PW and I headed into the city today to watch a Sox game. I know we live in a city, but…maybe it is a Massachusetts thing? Ive noticed we refer to Boston like its THE city in MA, the only one! Anyway, our driver took us to Woodland from Fast Splits and we took the Green Line in:

(Yeah, that stands for Certified Pool Operator, be jealous!)

I packed up all my food. I have a serious issue with the macronutrients. I am always over on Carbs and under on fat. I feel like this picture should explain why (I packed extra pretzels for PW, but ended up eating all of them. It was the lesser of two evils I swear–I was twitching for a personal pizza!!!)

Headed down Yawkey Way:

And to our seats which ended up being pretty darn good!!

I was supposed to do an hour Z1 bike tonight (I also did a 35 minute recovery ride this morning) but I am an elderly person and my big outing to the city has exhausted me. Like, I fell asleep in the car at 5pm. I am going to inhale dinner and then go to bed unless I get a second wind.

PW has big plans with The Wizard tomorrow (LT test), and I have big plans to hang with Baby Krops, AKA cutest baby of all time. I need to run 75 minutes first sooo, early to bed, early to rise (told you I was elderly!!!!)


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