Eating my way through Ironman Lake Placid!

Let’s actually start with the night prior to Lake Placid, be aide I ate/drank my way through that too! Because really, if you’re not racing, Saturday night=Brewery!

We got there and requested our table for 10. There was a 90 minute wait so we got to socialize and hang out with all of our friends that we get to rarely see (best part of Ironman!). I had their chicken chopped salad–which is what I always get. Because it is perfect!

Charlie had an Ubu Ale for dinner (kidding, he had food πŸ™‚ )

Here are Jesse, Pat, and I post dinner. I am wearing my new shirt that I am in love with (I am sure you care)

We then concluded the night at Wise Guys. Because where else would we end our night? There, I got a ton (a literal ton) of pictures that look like this:

Then it was up nice and early for some of this. Actually a LOT of this (spectating):

My awesome friends, the Speedo guys were there. Here’s a ninja shot of Paul and Jim first thing in the morning (yes he did get a sports bra tan!!)

And here I am with Ochoa, Trish, and Paul. They were definitely a hit. And Pauls speedo definitely has a “Sandlot” quote!

Their theme was clearly Christmas in July!!

To continue with the eating theme, I had a black bean burger for lunch that rocked my world. Who knew black bean burgers were so good?!

Dancing around like a maniac and yelling a lot definitely works up an appetite, so by six I was ready for dinner. I was feel adventurous so when Jesse suggested sushi, I jumped right on board. Nevermind the fact I have never had sushi before!
We had seared tuna, soup, edamame, and a ton of different rolls. Changed my life! I am now a fan.

We ARE in New York, so I ended the night with one of our friends who raced (Brian) with Stewart’s ice cream!! You have to have it once while we here. He got a banana split, and I got peanut butter pandemonium!

And I got a treat because PW stayed with us last night. He had been staying at High Peaks with all of his clients but moseyed to the other end of town to stay with me and my roommates last night (we have a condo!)

He is out for a run now…and I need to hurry up and get out there too. A couple massages when we get back and then the trek back to Massachusetts begins!!!


9 responses

  1. isn’t sushi wicked good! I got JB into it.. i’m glad u like it! and black bean burgers are wicked good too- especially the spicy chipotle ones! :oP YUM! time to go out for sushi now πŸ™‚

  2. I’m not a sushi fan but glad you mentioned Stewart’s ice cream – definitely really good stuff, especially for the price!!
    Have a safe trip home…

    • Dont worry, Jesse did order some fun stuff with flying fish eggs on top. Monster roll I think? And a Boston roll? I tried them but my contribution was the avocado roll…I had to play it safe since I didnt know id I would like the fish ones!!!!

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