An Ironman Lunch

After breakfast this morning, I didn’t think i was going to be hungry for lunch. Especially since I was helping out a friend by consuming some mini M&Ms so he could use the container for his salt tabs.


What is about extremely tiny candy that makes it that much more delicious?


By lunch time though, I was starving. Brian and I decided to go to a little gourmet sandwich shop just off he main drag called Chair 6.


I ended up getting my usual (you know, the turkey/lettuce/tomato/bacon, duh!)


That’s right, it was actual roasted turkey. It was delicious and SO delicious.

Brian got something called Johns Gobbler–a thanksgiving themed sandwich:


But the star of the show?


It was so fresh! Blackberries+Limeade? Sold!!


I wish I had another one RIGHT NOW!

Alright off to dinner with some of our friends at the Brewery! If you’re out here in Lake Placid, swing by!


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