GUYS!  I had an awesome run today.  Ive been plugging along, having miserable runs.  Like, seriously miserable–the stop every 15 minutes to catch my breath kind.  But todays run was great.  it was 30 seconds/mile faster than Sundays.  Is that a glimmer of fitness I see?  Or maybe its my reward for continuing to run despite the negative reinforcement from runs prior?

Anyways, I started out my day with what has become my standard summer breakfast–Vanilla Chobani with fresh strawberries and blueberries.

I did more cleaning and painting, which also seems to be a common theme in my life lately.  Just cannot get enough of my vacuum.  Or white paint.  Actually, the vacuuming I love, but Id be happy if I never see another can of paint as long as I live!!!

Can someone please tell me why PW was laughing at my pillowcase choices when making the bed, please?  I dont get it.  (Props to SIL Dawn for making them!!)

Concluded my day with a quick hour on the trainer.  I am reading The Island, and I cannot get enough of it.  It was too much to have to get off the bike–I almost stayed on just so I wouldnt have to stop reading!  But, it is a recovery week so, alas, I did not!

Tomorrow…more biking, running, maybe a swim. And eating all the fruits/vegetables in our fridge so they dont go bad!


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  1. The pillow cases look great AND I loved that book (and others by her I have read). I am on my 5th Kristin Hannah book since vaca, have you read any of her books? I think you would like them!

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