Weeks Worth of Workouts

First, thank you all SO MUCH for your sweet comments on my last post.  You guys are the best 🙂


Despite not posting, I have been working out. What better way to get back into the swing of things then to do a WWW for last week?

Monday: 35 minute swim
Tuesday: 40 minute swim, 70 minute run, 60 minute ride (trainer/easy)
Wednesday: 30 minute run
Thursday/Friday: Off
Saturday: 70 minute run, 6 hours cleaning (not kidding–really, 6 hours!)
Sunday: 110 minute run

My goal is to incorporate at least 2 swims and 2 bikes rides every week to my marathon training. I did miss a recovery run last week, lowering my mileage by a little over 3 miles.

Counting down the days until Lake Placid. Yep–this week we are heading to my favorite place on earth! I am driving up with Jesse on Thursday night (and will be doing massages while there–let me know if you are interested!!).

In other news, yesterday I went for a run. I left Chloe, our smaller, more maniacal dog out. I shut the door, with only my house key and this happened:

Except my view was from the other side–the one without a doorknob! I was freaking out because 1) chloe was loose until I could get back in and there were so many fun things to chew just waiting for her 2) PW was working until midnight, and I had no idea how to fix this issue 3) I was STUCK! No car keys, no cell phone. Just me and a house key that would do my no good because the inner DOORKNOB WAS GONE!!

I sat on my front stoop for a second and contemplated what to do. I knew I was going to have to Macguyver something. Then it came to me–I needed to hop our fence, and then hopefully the front door key would work on the back door (We had never tried before!)–if not, I was sitting on that stoop until Midnight, praying Chloe didnt poop on my pillow. I had to set up quite a scene to hop the fence, including a 2×4 and me balancing on one heel on the fence, but as you can tell by me updating my blog from the comfort of my home–it all worked out. PHEW!

Other than that, we are in a heatwave, meaning there is a lot of this going on (with fans directly on us)

I am waiting on a couple of really awesome t-shirts from CafePress. I am crossing my fingers they get here before Thursday because one is a Must Have for LP!

Now…going to take full advantage of my rest day!


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