Party Weekend

We went to a party last night with the most delicious food ever.  There was fresh fruit and vegetables ever, and I found out all of it had come from their CSA, a local farm called Wilson Farms. Is there anything more amazing than straight from the garden produce??

Appetizers included guacamole (I think I ate that entire thing myself), tabbouleh (fresh parsley!), hummus/crackers, fresh veggies and dip, fruit salad, and chips/salsa!



Dinner was burgers and hot dogs…and then some ridic sides. Corn/tomato salad, a cucumber/yogurt concoction, tomato salad, and caprese bites (my fave!)

And dessert? I couldnt have thought it up myself it was so good! There was a gluten free tart/spongecake sort of thing with farm fresh cream and CSA fruit (sorry it is blurry, I was trembling in anticipation of eating it!)

And spinach brownies! These things are so low-fat, healthy, and delicious that it should be a crime!! They have spinach puree in them and applesauce instead of butter…I got the recipe from our culinary inclined hostess Jen, so email me if you want it!

Billie (it could be Billy, but she’s a female so I went with the “ie” on a whim!) supervised our dinner:

After dinner the 4th of July festivities started. We had sparklers, which no matter how old I get, NEVER get less fun!

And watched some fireworks (they have the perfect backyard view!)

Then CCC gave a “Sparkler Toast” PW, and thats when things started to get of hand…no, he really did give a toast to the awesome (and fast) guy PW is!

Thats when we pulled the plug (7 hour of eating later!!!) and headed home. Thanks for the awesome party guys!

Heading out for a run now before driving down to my hometown for another party in honor of the 4th! My parents are home from Florida so it will be good to see them too. Hoping to squeeze in a bike ride when we return from out east!


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