I decided to try and get as much done as possible today, for whatever reason (happy to be back in my own house I guess?)

I woke up, inhaled a Chobani and some coffee, and then head out for an hour ride. This was my view:

Its that perfect time of year when its hot, but not humid, and all the plants are thriving!

I was humming right along, only 10 minutes from my house, when I suddenly got pelted by what felt like hail. I was momentarily shocked, then figured out a car going buy had hucked a handful of coins at me. While driving 40 miles per hour. Who does that? The passenger (a teenage boy) then proceeded to hang out the window making a “What?!” gesture with his hands. Which I promptly responded to with my own gesture. Unfortunately I didnt think to grab their license plate until they were out of sight.

So, after that I got home, in a blind rage (no jk, I got over it pretty quick. I am a lover not a fighter!), and PW/I moved huge pieces of drywall upstairs. I proceeded to sit on the couch and pass out for an hour. I didnt even know I was asleep! I woke up and needed one of these stat:

The chocolate ones are sooooo gooooood. Like a yoohoo, only better.

I made PW pancakes for lunch, but had a minor fail. I tried a different recipe, and well, it happens to the best of us:

Heres a closer look, it is crispy/fried on the outside!

Dont worry, only the first one failed. The rest were alright!

I did some general cleaning after pancake making, since I was so rested from that unplanned nap. Then I decided: it was time to paint! While PW burned some spare wood (seriously) in the backyard, I painted my little heart out. Shelves, Cabinets, Window/Door trim:

(If you look close you can see Chloe under there!)

Cannot wait until the dining room is finished–almost there!

Then, it was dinner time. We couldnt decide what to eat so I decided to make something we can only eat Post-Ironman: parmesan/bread crumb fried chicken, sweet potato fries, and the most delicious garlic bread youve ever had on fresh bread. YUM!!

Tomorrow includes another run, and 2.4 tons of laundry! What, you didnt think Id do the second I got back from Idaho did you?!


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  1. OMG. Who does that? That would have made me mad ALL DAY. Did they at least throw quarters to help pay for your Honey Milk? I’ll have to look up the stats on those, btw. Usually I drink Muscle Milk, which I like but I like YooHoo flavored stuff more. 🙂
    Or my favorite – vanilla yogurt cup, frozen banana, and half a scoop of chocolate protein powder. It’s like a Wendy’s Frosty. Yum!

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