Love that dirty water

PW and I headed into the city today to watch a Sox game. I know we live in a city, but…maybe it is a Massachusetts thing? Ive noticed we refer to Boston like its THE city in MA, the only one! Anyway, our driver took us to Woodland from Fast Splits and we took the Green Line in:

(Yeah, that stands for Certified Pool Operator, be jealous!)

I packed up all my food. I have a serious issue with the macronutrients. I am always over on Carbs and under on fat. I feel like this picture should explain why (I packed extra pretzels for PW, but ended up eating all of them. It was the lesser of two evils I swear–I was twitching for a personal pizza!!!)

Headed down Yawkey Way:

And to our seats which ended up being pretty darn good!!

I was supposed to do an hour Z1 bike tonight (I also did a 35 minute recovery ride this morning) but I am an elderly person and my big outing to the city has exhausted me. Like, I fell asleep in the car at 5pm. I am going to inhale dinner and then go to bed unless I get a second wind.

PW has big plans with The Wizard tomorrow (LT test), and I have big plans to hang with Baby Krops, AKA cutest baby of all time. I need to run 75 minutes first sooo, early to bed, early to rise (told you I was elderly!!!!)


48 hours

We got home really late on Monday–like, 12:30am. Hit the hay and then got up to get back into real life. You know, grocery shopping, running, riding, cleaning, etc. Also had a surprise visit from Andy who dropped off my birthday present from PW–Red Sox tickets! We are going tomorrow afternoon…and they are pretty killer seats.

Anyways, so first order of business was the grocery store to restock supplies. Turkey meatloaf was on the dinner menu (leftovers make dinner sooo easy!!):

My default dinner is meatloaf/spinach with brussels sprouts on the side. PW is lucky and gets baked sweet potato fries too (I guess thats what happens when you work out 25 hours more than me a week?!)

I was headed out for a run when my neighbor stopped by with this:

They have a huge garden and gave us not only monstrous zucchini and summer squash, but homemade zucchini bread!!!

I did a 20 minute recovery run and then laid around, the 8 hour drive the day prior really got me and I could hardly recover.

That 20 minute recovery run meant I had an 80 minute run today. Got up at 9 (!!! No matter what my plans are, no matter how good the early running intentions, I wake up at 9) and was running by 10. I wore my new running shirt that I LOVE. Check out how tan I am. That is just from watching Ironman lake Placid and running this summer. And I always wear sunscreen on my face. I had to wear a hat today because my face was becoming way too tan to look normal (Jersey Shore much?!)

Alright. Endurox and snack down–reward is an iced coffee. Iced Caramel Swirl here I come!!!

Eating my way through Ironman Lake Placid!

Let’s actually start with the night prior to Lake Placid, be aide I ate/drank my way through that too! Because really, if you’re not racing, Saturday night=Brewery!

We got there and requested our table for 10. There was a 90 minute wait so we got to socialize and hang out with all of our friends that we get to rarely see (best part of Ironman!). I had their chicken chopped salad–which is what I always get. Because it is perfect!

Charlie had an Ubu Ale for dinner (kidding, he had food 🙂 )

Here are Jesse, Pat, and I post dinner. I am wearing my new shirt that I am in love with (I am sure you care)

We then concluded the night at Wise Guys. Because where else would we end our night? There, I got a ton (a literal ton) of pictures that look like this:

Then it was up nice and early for some of this. Actually a LOT of this (spectating):

My awesome friends, the Speedo guys were there. Here’s a ninja shot of Paul and Jim first thing in the morning (yes he did get a sports bra tan!!)

And here I am with Ochoa, Trish, and Paul. They were definitely a hit. And Pauls speedo definitely has a “Sandlot” quote!

Their theme was clearly Christmas in July!!

To continue with the eating theme, I had a black bean burger for lunch that rocked my world. Who knew black bean burgers were so good?!

Dancing around like a maniac and yelling a lot definitely works up an appetite, so by six I was ready for dinner. I was feel adventurous so when Jesse suggested sushi, I jumped right on board. Nevermind the fact I have never had sushi before!
We had seared tuna, soup, edamame, and a ton of different rolls. Changed my life! I am now a fan.

We ARE in New York, so I ended the night with one of our friends who raced (Brian) with Stewart’s ice cream!! You have to have it once while we here. He got a banana split, and I got peanut butter pandemonium!

And I got a treat because PW stayed with us last night. He had been staying at High Peaks with all of his clients but moseyed to the other end of town to stay with me and my roommates last night (we have a condo!)

He is out for a run now…and I need to hurry up and get out there too. A couple massages when we get back and then the trek back to Massachusetts begins!!!

An Ironman Lunch

After breakfast this morning, I didn’t think i was going to be hungry for lunch. Especially since I was helping out a friend by consuming some mini M&Ms so he could use the container for his salt tabs.


What is about extremely tiny candy that makes it that much more delicious?


By lunch time though, I was starving. Brian and I decided to go to a little gourmet sandwich shop just off he main drag called Chair 6.


I ended up getting my usual (you know, the turkey/lettuce/tomato/bacon, duh!)


That’s right, it was actual roasted turkey. It was delicious and SO delicious.

Brian got something called Johns Gobbler–a thanksgiving themed sandwich:


But the star of the show?


It was so fresh! Blackberries+Limeade? Sold!!


I wish I had another one RIGHT NOW!

Alright off to dinner with some of our friends at the Brewery! If you’re out here in Lake Placid, swing by!

Lake Placid FINALLY!

I missed this little blog! I have been a busy bee, packing/getting ready for Lake Placid, then driving up here, then doing six (!!!) massages yesterday! I tried to squeeze in all the biking I wanted to do on this recovery week Mon-Wed and managed to get in 4.5 hours.

We drove up Thursday night and arrived around 1:30am. Here are our digs:


I was so happy to get up here! Friday morning I got up at 6:30am to run before the massagin’ started at 8:30. It was hot, as I’m sure everyone who is read this knows. It was hot everyone in the country yesterday! Did all those massages and then went to visit my favorite Lake Placid peeps at their house for a while.

Check out the view from our condo this morning:


This morning was the QT2 Team Breakfast. Love that! It was at the Crown Plaza–they always take care of, making sure they have enough pancakes to fulfill the needs of the 25 people racing and their families! Here is (mostly) everyone at breakfast:


I have three more massages today and then we are doing our pre-race night ritual: going to the Brewery for a night of fun! There are a lot of us up here NOT racing (more than usual), so it will nice to hang out with everyone.

Excited for the race tomorrow…looks to be perfect weather. Hoping that for everyone involved, they allow wetsuits.

Oh, and something exciting came yesterday. Here is a hint:


Fill you guys in soon. I WILL be wearing it tomorrow though!!


GUYS!  I had an awesome run today.  Ive been plugging along, having miserable runs.  Like, seriously miserable–the stop every 15 minutes to catch my breath kind.  But todays run was great.  it was 30 seconds/mile faster than Sundays.  Is that a glimmer of fitness I see?  Or maybe its my reward for continuing to run despite the negative reinforcement from runs prior?

Anyways, I started out my day with what has become my standard summer breakfast–Vanilla Chobani with fresh strawberries and blueberries.

I did more cleaning and painting, which also seems to be a common theme in my life lately.  Just cannot get enough of my vacuum.  Or white paint.  Actually, the vacuuming I love, but Id be happy if I never see another can of paint as long as I live!!!

Can someone please tell me why PW was laughing at my pillowcase choices when making the bed, please?  I dont get it.  (Props to SIL Dawn for making them!!)

Concluded my day with a quick hour on the trainer.  I am reading The Island, and I cannot get enough of it.  It was too much to have to get off the bike–I almost stayed on just so I wouldnt have to stop reading!  But, it is a recovery week so, alas, I did not!

Tomorrow…more biking, running, maybe a swim. And eating all the fruits/vegetables in our fridge so they dont go bad!

Weeks Worth of Workouts

First, thank you all SO MUCH for your sweet comments on my last post.  You guys are the best 🙂


Despite not posting, I have been working out. What better way to get back into the swing of things then to do a WWW for last week?

Monday: 35 minute swim
Tuesday: 40 minute swim, 70 minute run, 60 minute ride (trainer/easy)
Wednesday: 30 minute run
Thursday/Friday: Off
Saturday: 70 minute run, 6 hours cleaning (not kidding–really, 6 hours!)
Sunday: 110 minute run

My goal is to incorporate at least 2 swims and 2 bikes rides every week to my marathon training. I did miss a recovery run last week, lowering my mileage by a little over 3 miles.

Counting down the days until Lake Placid. Yep–this week we are heading to my favorite place on earth! I am driving up with Jesse on Thursday night (and will be doing massages while there–let me know if you are interested!!).

In other news, yesterday I went for a run. I left Chloe, our smaller, more maniacal dog out. I shut the door, with only my house key and this happened:

Except my view was from the other side–the one without a doorknob! I was freaking out because 1) chloe was loose until I could get back in and there were so many fun things to chew just waiting for her 2) PW was working until midnight, and I had no idea how to fix this issue 3) I was STUCK! No car keys, no cell phone. Just me and a house key that would do my no good because the inner DOORKNOB WAS GONE!!

I sat on my front stoop for a second and contemplated what to do. I knew I was going to have to Macguyver something. Then it came to me–I needed to hop our fence, and then hopefully the front door key would work on the back door (We had never tried before!)–if not, I was sitting on that stoop until Midnight, praying Chloe didnt poop on my pillow. I had to set up quite a scene to hop the fence, including a 2×4 and me balancing on one heel on the fence, but as you can tell by me updating my blog from the comfort of my home–it all worked out. PHEW!

Other than that, we are in a heatwave, meaning there is a lot of this going on (with fans directly on us)

I am waiting on a couple of really awesome t-shirts from CafePress. I am crossing my fingers they get here before Thursday because one is a Must Have for LP!

Now…going to take full advantage of my rest day!

Rest in Peace, Pep

I sort of dropped off the face of the blogosphere last week. It wasnt just this blog though, I dropped off the face of all internet social interaction (twitter and foursquare included–gasp!). On Saturday night, PW and I were having a pizza date with Megan and Justin, when I got a panicked phone call from my mother. My grandfather–her dad–had a massive heart attack and this was it. They were waiting for me to drive to the hospital to say goodbye. Thankfully, we got there in time, and I was able to thank him for being an amazing grandpa and tell him I love him. Pep (short for Pepere) passed with all of his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren surrounding him. The services were Wednesday night and yesterday morning. He had a full military send off (he was a veteran of World War II, receiving many medals–including a Purple Heart!), including Taps. My father gave an amazing eulogy.

He was an avid hunter, fisherman, and cigar smoker 🙂

Here are a few pictures from Pep’s life:

This one is from July 4th…we had a cookout at his house. He definitely still had his sense of humor!

Rest in Peace, Pep

On the Plan

I woke up this morning and decided to go back on plan–to follow The Core to a T, counting macronutrients and everything. So, what better way to kick it off then to make and eat a new-to-me recipe! I went with a turkey/spinach meatloaf and roasted brussels sprouts. Believe it or not, I have NEVER had these little rotund sprouts before. I remember hearing they were awful when I was a kid, and I was scared of them. Then, my friend Cait raved about them. I started seeing them on the blog world and thought it was time to bite the bullet! So, here we go:

Meatloaf ingredients before mixing. The usual. Super lean turkey, egg whites instead of full eggs, blah blah. 9 grams of fat in the WHOLE PAN!

Brussels sprouts ready to go. EVOO spray and garlic salt!

What to do while its cooking? Clean the fridge! It was out of control in there–stuff everywhere. I even left all the Chobanis in a grocery bag. I couldnt find anything, but now we are good. All our staples are present (questions? leave a comment!):

Voila, an hour later, turkey meatloaf is done! I cut it into 8 pieces–each piece is 1.5 grams fat, 20 grams protein, and 6 grams carbs. Oh, and DELICIOUS!

And the sprouts….EXPECTATIONS EXCEEDED!  They are so good, and I definitely feel like I have been missing out.  Thanks Cait!

Dinner as a whole…

Not a bad first day! I also ran for an hour. And drank my daily Honey Milk 🙂

Now after my fill of Celebrity Rehab and Real Housewives of Orange County, I am going to revert to being an old lady and work on a puzzle.

Yes, seriously!!!

Some Workouts–Have a seat right over there…

You might want to sit down before you read this. Ready?

I went swimming today.

You can finish reading this entry after you awake from fainting 🙂

It is true, I went to the pool with PW and swam for 30 minutes–that is 30 minutes longer than I have swam in THREE YEARS!

We got there, and a woman who was around 75 years old with Ironman Swim Cap got in the lane next to me. It sort of looked like this:

I asked her about (how often do you meet a 75 year old triathlete?). And she laughed, because she had never done one, she just bought the cap at Wal-Mart.

Anyways, so here are some pictures from the last few days:

Baked Potato Salad from a cookout (SO GOOD!!!):

Picking fresh blackberries and raspberries for my Pep (this is him holding them before eating ’em all!):

How I know its officially summer (FRUIT SALAD I am eating every day!):

Another reason why I love the iPad, it allows me to have this view while riding the trainer (yes, I rode the trainer last night instead of going outside!):

So, basically I am saying, I have been doing a lot of working out and eating. And reading. And playing fetch with my dogs in the backyard. Pretty awesome summer vacation!!

Also found out last minute I will be going to Lake Placid for the Ironman. This is FANTASTIC! It is my favorite place on earth, and I originally thought I wouldnt be able to go. Now that I can I am so excited!!!!