First Day (Again) of Summer Vacation

Considering I have been traveling since Thursday, it hasnt really felt like summer vacation yet.  Until today!  Today I leisurely got up, read some blogs, ate some yogurt, went for a 50 minute run, hung out some more, ran around with the dogs, and then mowed the lawn.  Good day, indeed!

But, to backtrack.  Yesterday morning we picked up the dogs from the kennel.  This place is like Club Med to them– they get to run around in a huge grassy field with a bunch of gigantic dogs–heaven for them!  They are big dogs at heart, after all.  We picked them up, brought them home, and they proceeded to spend the rest of the day like this:

And can I blame them?  No!  Because I took two separate naps yesterday as well!  Traveling always tuckers me out and the extra sleep was so needed!

After all the rounds of naps, it was time for a going away party.  My mentor/friend/guy I have known since I was in high school (!!) is moving on to a different job next year.  We had a sort of surprise, impromptu get together with a few people from the department to say farewell.  This place looked like Hogwarts, no joke.  I seriously expected the people in the paintings to start talking to me!

(yes, that picture is entitled ambiance!)

There was also a live jazz band in on the red velvet stage (not the best lighting for iPhone pictures!)

I had the privilege of enjoying AUTHENTIC german noodles with gravy while there too…they were pretty good!  And only five dollars, what a steal.

Easing back into the nothinggoingonbuttraining mode with another run and a bike ride tomorrow!!



Ironman Coeur d’Alene Race Reports are starting to be posted….you can find PW’s here and Doug’s here. Also, my good friend Ethan recently won his first Continental Cup (ITU)–Coteau-du-lac, you can find his race report here!


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