Ironman Coeur d’Alene Race (Spectator) Report

I am writing this from the Delta Sky Club in the Minnesota airport…still getting over my race hangover!
So, another Ironman over! PW completed the race. And I successfully maintained my streak of being unable to walk after watching/sherpa-ing the race all day! I apologize for the lack of GOOD pictures, I used my phone because I knew the Kropelnickis would other ones!

We got up early…3:15am. They had their race morning breakfast while I laid in bed complaining it was too early. I dropped them (PW and Chuck–my charges for the weekend), then returned to our hotel and carpooled to the race with PWs fam. We got there just in the nick of time to see him before the race start.

Ironman starts are something to behold. There is so much excitement/nervousness/tension/fear in the air. People have worked for months for something that is going to begin in seconds! When the gun goes off it is a culmination of all of that

So as my husband was swimming In 54 degree water, I was moseying around, chatting with Chrissie and playing with Colin (Baby Krops). After what seemed like an eternity (and was really only 58 minutes for Pdubs), they started coming out of the water one by one. Here’s an iPhone picture of PW finishing the first out and back.

We had prime real estate for the bike and were able to see all 24 of the QT2ers 4 times each! When they started their second loop, we headed over to The Pita Pit for lunch. I’ve never been to one before, but I fell in love the second I saw their menu!! Colin had his own wrap—avocado with turkey. Adorable, right? Here’s mine–turkey, lettuce, tomato, bacon. The same thing I always get (I got it at to Quiznos today at the Spokane airport as well!)

Headed back to watch the start of the run. I had awesome support on Twitter and through texts with live race time updates (shout out to Paul M in particular! You all might remember him as the guy who is always in a speedo when I post pictures of him…) so I knew Pat had biked a 5:15 and would be on his way out soon.
Since the pro’s had a 35 minute head start I knew I would get to cheer for Tim and Cait first. Here is Cait on her first loop of the run:

My only job for the WHOLE DAY was to count how many amateur people had passed and give that number, as well as time splits to the first place amateur, to PW and Doug. Pat started the run as 19th place amateur, 19 minutes down from first place. AND the first two OVERALL amateurs were in his age group (25-29). I wasn’t scared though, the run is his thing and I knew he’d be all over this part of the race. And I was right-the next time I saw him (around mile 13) he had moved up to 6th place amateur, 7 minutes back (that’s 13 spots and 12 minutes!). He looked strong so I crossed my fingers and we headed to the finish line to watch them come in.

There were about 2500 people in the race, total. Tim came across first-he was 6th place overall. Then Cait, she was 2nd woman overall. Then the non-professionals started coming (remember there was a 35 minute head start?). Doug was the first amateur to cross the line–he is a friend of ours and a a QT2er so we were psyched for him! PW was fourth amateur overall. He had run down 3 more people in the second half of the marathon! He actually finished as 15th person across the line (including pro’s) and won the 25-29 age group’ securing him a Kona spot for the third year in a row.

We hung out to see all our friends finish then headed out to a late dinner. I consumed this delicious Huckleberry Lemonade (I don’t know what a Huckleberry is but the puree was all that and a bag of chips!)

Hit the hay pretty hard that night but awoke early to head down for Kona slot pickup/roll down/breakfast/awards. After signing away $675 for the World Championship slot we headed over to breakfast with some of the teammates. Then back to the host hotel for the awards ceremony. Here are a few (crappy) awards pictures. Again, I’ll post better ones of all of these when I get them!

Had a cookout last night and then woke up early this morning to squeeze in a run before driving out to the Spokane airport to catch our flight! Flew from Spokane to Minnesota (where we are now) and watched a few tv shows on the ol’ iPad on he flight (did I mention I love this thing??)

PW is writing his race report now–I’ll make sure to let you know when he updates ,his blog with it!
Last picture (and highlight of the race?) this King of the Hill dog just riding around on the trailer of a bike:

Off to Boston we go!


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