Pre-Race Dinner with some Teammates and the Fam, and a Great Harvest appetizer!

I figured I would update about dinner last night while everyone else is awakenand slurping down their applesauce.

Yesterday, my SIL Dawn visited the local Great Harvest Bread Company. It is an awesome place we have read about many times on the KERF Blog (they one of the franchises). She got a loaf of the famous cinnamon chip! We literally broke break (ripped chunks off with our hands) and ate it in their hotel room :

It was delicious, of course!

We hung out until it was time for dinner then headed to Tomato Street, a cute litle Italian place downtown. I checked in (for 8 of us!) and this was the name she told me she would call when our table was ready:

I hung out with these handsome fellas while we waited for our table (Duffy, PW, Charlie…all racing today!)

We were called in and I was very excited to see they had butcher paper and crayons on every table for us to draw on. It’s the little things, guys! I of course, immediately plugged the blog (so to our waitress if youre reading this: thanks!)

And then played a rousing game of lines with Nick. After I made him factor, of course. Don’t worry, he remembered how to do it!

Alright, the applesauce is done. I am going to get ready to drop the guys off at transition! Check in on me on twitter (@thatrunnerchick)…and I’ll check back in back here late tonight or early tomorrow morning!


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