Idaho? You da ho!

Yeah, I went there with that post title. I’ve heard that joke a lot in the past few months!

So, yesterday I hustled around, packed, and dropped off our dogs at the kennel (who is the only person in the entire world I trust to not let our 7 pound dogs escape–Elaine is the best!! Email me if you want her info)

Here is Kona on the drive to Easton–

Got to Logan (airport for you non-Bostonites) and got front row due to these awesome signs:

Flew through checkin and security (I only had one carry on–no checked baggage! Boy am I efficient!), only to find out our first flight was delayed due to the weather.
2.5 hours spent reading (and finishing) “Picture of You” and “The Things They Carried” with this view:

Uneventful flights, other than the 12 year old girl puking in the seat behind me. Read the entire flight, landed in Denver after 4 hours:

And then Spokane after another 2!

A quick 30 minute drive and we were finally in Coeur d’Alene!! It was 12am local time, but felt like 3 am to me. I fell into bed, but woke up early because it was time for the infamous BREAKFAST! QT2 had 35 people at the local IHOP this morning. The chaos before food:

We all sat down and got right to business. I was at a table with PW, Charlie, Duffy, and Logan. This is what they ALL got:

There was hardly any room left on the table for my eggs whites, fruit, and hash browns! Not sure how everyone else’s breakfast went, but I know there wasnt a single crumb left on a plate at our table!!

Came back to the room (we are rooming with Chuck! Nonstop laughfest, I tell ya!) And I tried to watch an episode of Combat Hospital on the iPad but promptly fell asleep for TWO HOURS! Why is travel soooo draining?,

I am heading off for a run this afternoon (it’s only 3:30 here–it’s like having an extra 3 hours in my day!) and then it is time for the pre-race dinner!

I will be updating live with race updates on twitter tomorrow….follow me if you’re interested….@thatrunnerchick

Over and out until tomorrow night!


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