First Day of Summer Vacation!!

I wish our culture celebrated occasions with dance and music instead of FOOD!  Yesterday was the last day of the school year (making this the first day of summer vacation!), and the whole week has been one of food food food!  Wednesday, the school bought us lunch.  We had hamburgers and hotdogs but I skipped that and went right for…what I always go for!

Then I cut PWs hair and helped him get ready for  IM CDA…he flew out yesterday!  Got bored and dyed my hair a Jersey Shore-esque color:


That picture was taken on my phone at 4:45 am by the way.  Why so early?  I dropped off PW at the airport for 4:30 (we were up at 3am!) then traveled back in for a breakfast with some friends (again: last day of school) for 6.  It was delicious!


Lunch was, again, ridiculous.  We ordered out Chipotle and the whole department got it and ate together.  It was DELICIOUS!

After school: end of the year party.  All the faculty go and we all bring food, as well as have a sit down dinner or chicken/steak/lobster.  I somehow managed to eat AGAIN (I had been eating every 3 hours at this point).  My favorite part though?

Grilled pineapple with butter and cinnamon.  It sounds unconventional but its delicious!


Now I am running around like a madwoman trying to pack for my flight out to Idaho this afternoon.  Waiting til the last minute to pack 🙂  Also have to pack for and get dogs to their kennel (vacation for them) on the way!

Looking forward to doing NOTHING on the plane to the Big Race!! Ill update when I get there…updates on Twitter as well!!


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  1. It’s so true that we celebrate with food and not dancing most of the time! Other cultures have learned to combine both; if we have both, there’s usually calorie laden booze and desserts to give calories the upper hand.

    I love the hair color! I’m too afraid to dye my hair, but I like to see how different people can look when they get it done.

    Good luck on your race! 🙂

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