30 miles almost killed me!

A few days to catch up on!  Friday was our department’s end of the year party.  It started at 4, so we hung out until then after school and then headed over.  It was SUPER fun, with a lot of good food.

For instance, black bean and corn salsa:

“White Trash”, or “Sinfully Delicious Cheerio Thing”, whatever you want to call it:

And an eclair cake!

There was also a ton of fruit, pulled chicken, chips and dip, chicken kabobs, burgers…basically everything you would want at a party!  I brought sangria, and it was a hit!

There was a trampoline , too.  Which was the center of all fun for a good 3 hours.  I havent been on a trampoline in so long, but now I want one in my backyward.  And to invite all my math friends over to jump on it with me!

After that good time, I was reluctant to wake up early on Saturday to ride, but I pushed through.  And delayed the ride an hour 🙂 I had a healthy breakfast of yogurt and fruit (dont worry, I had ice cream post-ride to even it out):

And then Chloe enjoyed the remnants of yogurt in the container for her own breakfast-dessert:

So, Meg and I went out for a 2 hour jaunt. She had preplanned the route and it ended up being about 31 miles. That is an average speed of 15.4 miles per hour, people! That means, with 2700 feet of climbing, that I barely survived!! I pushed through (pretty sure Meg was not even working hard as I was anaerobic for the WHOLE THING!) and then took a 2 hour nap!!

Then it was time for dinner. PWs parents were coming up from the South Shore and we were convening with them and his sister and her boyfriend at their house for dinner! We arrived, and made ourselves right at home:

We ate grilled chicken, veggies, and potato salad. Then I demolished this, a homemade peanut butter cup. It was HEAVEN!

Then we came back to our house and all the dogs (they had brought their yellow lab too!) had a running fiesta in the back yard.

Now I am up and at ’em to get a run in and make cookies before a Fathers Day Celebrating for my Grandpa.

Speaking of which…

Happy Fathers Day to my Dad! The best dad around…a great father, a hard worker, a veteran, a triathlete…and he builds kit cars in his spare time!


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  1. haha.. i had the same breakfast.. copycat!.. and i had fun on the ride :o) you biking with me is how i feel running with you! :oP

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